9 Chambers – “All But Done”: New and Complete Track Is Streaming Here Now! Yes, It ROCKS!

9 CHAMBERS – The Hard Rock supergroup famously known as 9 Chambers have released a NEW track from their forthcoming debut album! This is no audio sample… this is a complete track and it’s titled: All But Done. This Hard Rockin’ and Psychedelic tinged song resonates with the all inclusive talents that this fabulous band bestows.

The dual guitars of Greg Hampton and Ed Mundell are erupting with so much Hard Rockin’ goodness on All But Done that it’s downright intoxicating. The vocals of Greg Hampton are instantly memorable and solid on this song. Greg has reinforced in my Metal mind, that he can stand tall among the very best of Rock and Hard Rock vocalists today.

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Stoner, Rock and Psychedelic Rock fans should prepare themselves to get ROCKED OUT by 9 Chambers and All But Done. I’ve given out the Rockin’ warning… all you need to do now is click the start button below to hear for yourself! All But Done from 9 Chambers is Hard Rock excellenceMetal be thy name. Crank it up loud and be glad you did all you muthas!!

(Left: Ed Mundell, Right: Greg Hampton)

(Photo Credit: Rockframe Media/Karen Murphy Mundell)


Greg Hampton on vocals and guitar – (worked with Alice CooperLita Ford and Bootsy Collins, to name a few. Greg is currently producing a Tommy Bolintribute album, which guests many famed Rock Music musicians.

Ed Mundell on guitar – (ex – Monster Magnet)

Jorgen Carlsson on bass – (Gov’t Mule)

Vinny Appice on drums – (will be involved as his schedule permits) (Black SabbathDIOand Heaven & Hell)

* For more info on 9 Chambers, click on the links below:

9 Chambers – Official Website

9 Chambers – Reverbnation

9 CHAMBERS – Official facebook

9 Chambers – Audio Samples



2 Responses to “9 Chambers – “All But Done”: New and Complete Track Is Streaming Here Now! Yes, It ROCKS!”

  1. Finally! Real hard driving rock is back! Love it!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!

  2. […] 9 Chambers – “All But Done”: New and Complete Track Is Streaming Here Now! Yes, It ROCKS! […]

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