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THEORY OF A DEADMAN – Watch Their Gig From The Knit Reno, via Livestream on August 11th!

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THEORY OF A DEADMAN – Watch their LIVE gig at The Knitting Factory in Reno, Nevada, August 11th (tonight) at 11pm EST! To view and hear the Hard Rockin’ good-times, click here:

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Theory Of A Deadman – The Truth Is… was released on July 12, 2011, via Roadrunner Records.


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Theory Of A Deadman “The Truth Is” – What I Like About This Album: Part One

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THEORY OF A DEADMAN – The fourth studio album from Canada’s Rockin’ Theory Of A Deadman was released on July 12, 2011, on RoadRunner Records. The Truth Is… has been quite a cool listen for me and I’m digging this album. I bought the special edition of The Truth Is… due to there being six bonus tracks. Seriously, how can you go wrong by spending about three bucks more for six more songs? Essentially, there are eighteen songs on the special edition version… and that’s a lot of Rock ‘n Roll from Theory Of A Deadman.

My favorite song thus far on The Truth Is… comes as no surprise to myself. You see, on a personal level, I’m a sucker for songs that have inspirational lyrics. There are those moments when even Stone needs some uplifting words of encouragement to keep moving forward. My favorite song I’m referring to is: Head Above Water. This song really brings out the very best of Tyler Connolly’s smooth and clean vocals. As a mid-tempo ballad, Head Above Water does Rock along with positive vibes spilling out from it’s every note. It’s just a tremendous song, in my Metal opinion.

The liner notes kick tremendous ass, with very cool artwork galore that succeeds in complimenting the album’s front cover artwork. Two center spreads are in these liner notes, with a black & white photo showing Tyler contemplating in the recording studio and a color photo of the band . Lyrics to the songs are included as well. I am, was and forever will be the strong supporter of liner notes. This little pamphlet of band info, photos and lyrics only give the listener a better angle on what they are listening to. MP3’s without liner notes flat out suck.

* I will add, that Bitch Came Back is not my favorite song on this album. The song Rocks along with it’s music, only the lyrics just seem to grow a bit tiresome. Aw hell, I’ll still listen to the song… Stone isn’t that crabby.

I’ll revisit this new album from Theory Of A Deadman again soon, with another post. In the meantime, there are sixteen other songs to digest on The Truth Is… that are not mentioned here and I want to take in what I’m listening to. Metal be thy name.

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THEORY OF A DEADMAN – Official Website


Tyler Connolly – vocals & guitar

Dave Brenner – guitar

Dean Back – bass

Joe Dandeneau – drums

Track Listing – The Truth Is… 


Bitch Came Back


Out Of My Head


Love Is Hell

The Truth Is… (I Lied About Everything)

Head Above Water

Drag Me To Hell

What Was I Thinking

Easy To Love You

We Were Men



Does It Really Matter


Better Or Worse

Out Of My Head

Easy To Love You


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