NUCLEAR “Apátrida” EP – Thrash Metal Defenders From The Republic Of Chile = Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

NUCLEAR-Band - promo pic_2012

NUCLEAR Are: Sebastian Puente (Guitars), Matias Leonicio (Vocals), Eugenio Sudy (Drums), Roberto Soto (Bass) and Francisco Haussmann (Guitars).


NUCLEAR Apátrida – If you’re a loyal old school Thrasher or just addicted to Thrash Metal that’s potent enough to set off the Richter Magnitude Scale, then NUCLEAR is a Thrash Metal band that you need to have your ears, brain and entire nervous system acquainted with.

NUCLEAR are from the grand Republic Of Chile and formed their Thrash Metal pack back in 2003. With 4 studio and 2 live albums to their Metal credit, NUCLEAR has the Thrashing credentials in their songwriting, musicianship, vocals and old school attitude; just a couple of listens to Apátrida and any Thrash Metal aficionado shall agree!

Originality can sometimes be difficult to achieve within the Thrash Metal genre; with so many legendary bands having already “done that”, only NUCLEAR brings a unique style to the Thrash masses and I’m very, very impressed. Not as extreme as the iconic Slayer and not as over produced as the legendary Metallica’s post Master Of Puppets catalog, NUCLEAR follows more in line with an old school Anthrax meets old school Exodus (with Megadeth in-between).

Not afraid to approach politics as a lyrical theme, NUCLEAR gets their point across with blazing sonic beats and a dual guitar attack that has my neck begging for mercy after each listen to Apátrida. Wether NUCLEAR’s vocalist Matias Leonicio sings in English or Spanish, the Metal point is made very clear: there is credible passion in his voice and Thrash Metal is a universal language all its own.

Get into NUCLEAR and allow this rising giant of a Thrash band to kick your ass. NUCLEAR has arrived my fellow Metal brethren! Metal be thy name.

NUCLEAR-Apatrida-Promo - Front-Cover

Apátrida – Track Listing:

My Own Anarcy

Breathing Despair

Architects Of War

Chaos Is My Life



Click here and listen to the NEW song from NUCLEAR: INNER HATE


NUCLEAR has shared the stage with the following Thrash Metal legends: Testament, Destruction, Voivod, Joey Belladonna, Forbidden, Hirax, Toxic Holocaust and with Black Metal warriors such as 1349.


Check out this current tour flyer below! NUCLEAR will be supporting the also legendary Annihilator during their South American Annihilation Tour 2013! Whoa!

Nuclear - Annilihator - South American Tour - flyer - 2013

For more info on NUCLEAR, click on the links below!

facebook: NUCLEAR

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