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STORMWARRIOR “Thunder & Steel” – New Studio Album Is A Metal Triumph You Cannot Pass Over In 2014!

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Stormwarrior - Thunder & Steel - promo cover pic - 2014

5 Out Of 5 Metal Fists!


STORMWARRIOR – On January 24th, 2014, Thunder & Steele, the fifth studio album from Northern Germany’s Stormwarrior, will be released upon our worldwide Metal community, via the mighty Massacre Records. For Stormwarrior fans across the globe, let the celebration commence! New fans of this dynamic Metal band shall be recruited in hordes, once the Metal masses experiences the overpowering Metal splendor of Thunder & Steele.

Fans of Helloween, Running Wild and Power Metal/Speed Metal MUST insert this new Stormwarrior album upon their Metal radar… NOW. The Speed Metal I am enjoying on Thunder & Steele is Metal delectable and the power is top-tier and exhilarating, to say the least! Jaw dropping guitar wizardry from Alex Guth and Lars Ramcke cannot be missed by any fan of Metal! Both these Metal gents obviously have access to the guitar gods of center Earth.

Crank up LOUD, Steelcrusader from Stormwarrior, below! Whoa!

Lars Ramcke is lead vocalist as well and carries a strong resemblance to the legendary Kai Hansen; only it’s obvious to my senses that Lars is a true original. Yenz Leonhardt (bass & backing vocals) and Jörg Uken (drums & backing vocals) are a Metal treat to focus my ears upon! A sterling rhythm section are they!

ALL ten songs are so excellent it’s a thrill for me to say so! My being impressed by this new Stormwarrior album is a huge Metal understatement. Thunder & Steele equates to what Metal has always intended to be for me (and countless others); glorious, powerful, muscular and spewing heightened vibes of victory through my veins and Metal soul!

I could not think of any better way, than to start the Metal New Year of 2014 off, than by spreading the grand Metal word about Stormwarrior and their Metal triumph called Thunder & Steele. Support Stormwarrior for their Metal for their Metal shall support you! A 100% Metal must buy for 2014. Metal be thy name and Hail German Metal forever. – Stone

THUNDER & STEELE – Track Listing:

01. Thunder & Steele

02. Metal Avenger

03. Sacred Blade

04. Ironborn

05. Steelcrusader

06. Fyres In The Nighte

07. Die By The Hammer

08. Child Of Fyre

09. One Will Survive

10. Servants Of Metal

Stormwarrior - promo band pic - #436 - 2013 - B&W

* For more info on STORMWARRIOR:

Facebook: STORMWARRIOR (Official)


Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:whiteWebsite:


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POWERMAD – This Speed Metal meets Thrash Metal band formed back in 1984, hailing out of the great state of Minnesota. In 1986, Powermad released their self titled and debut EP on Combat Records. In 1988, Reprise Records picked up Powermad, releasing their EP – The Madness Begins… and this is the very EP that I found hiding in an antique co-op mall just yesterday!! (See pics of it below). Whoa. Whoa again, is how I first felt upon gazing my eyes upon this Heavy Metal super find! It’s Powemad… I thought to myself, thinking, can this be really happening? I am looking at and holding the vinyl EP copy of The Madness Begins…!?!


In Metal summary, as you can tell, I was extremely psyched out of my mind about this Heavy Metal find… and I still am. I paid a meager – $6 for this Powermad gem! Six dollars! The total condition of this Powermad EP is in excellent to near mint too! The top right and bottom corners of the album jacket are the only areas that show a tad of wear. Otherwise, the original gloss on both sides of the album jacket still literally shines on it!

The original circular sticker is on the front side as well. The text printed on the circumference of the circle sticker reads: “Powermad Specially – Priced Mini – LP”. Specially priced alright, only six dollars, after more than two decades after it’s initial release… and it’s super, super, rare!! The inside text on the circle sticker reads: “Warning: Due to the intense nature of this music, neck braces may be required”. That’s vintage stuff… Old School.

There are four songs on this EP, all four are Thrash Metal and Old School too. Upon my first handling of the actual vinyl record itself, I could not believe there were no visible signs of it ever being handled! (Unless someone really, really took great care of it in the past). Once I dropped the turntable needle down on this POWERMAD EP to play, the sweet sound of analog filled the air, with not a crackle or pop. Take my word for it, these songs are incredibly worthy of multi-multiple listens on a regular basis.

Terminator is the opening track, it begins with thunderous drum beats in unison with vintage, heavy riffs that tell me immediately I’m in for a Metal treat. This song sizzles and then explodes into Thrash Metal glory. Joel Dubay on lead vocals has a coherent delivery, only watch out for his screach… he can hit the high note without any trouble and it’s superb. Hunter Seeker is faster than Terminator, it kicks right in where Terminator left off. This song is a rifftastic display of Old School Thrash Metal – period. I find this song rips, tears and burns each and every second… give me more POWERMAD please.

Gimmee Gimmee Shock Treatment is the shortest song on this EP and it offers up some heavy grooves to go along with the Thrash. This is a Ramones cover song, a Thrashtastic version at that. It blisters along with all the fury one could wish for from a quality, late 1980’s Thrash Metal Band. Credible stuff. Blind Leading The Blind opens up with a spoken word, to the best of my Metal ears, it goes like this: “Your gonna do some praying for me now boy”. The voice of this spoken word sounds like an eerie backwoods hermit that you might bump into at a remote, country keg party. The backing, (gang), vocals on this song just screams Old School. Blind Leading The Blind is by far and large, the fastest song on this EP. Unreal great.

POWERMAD, as they appeared on their 1988 EP – The Madness Begins…

Joel Dubay – lead & backing vocals, rhythm & lead guitars

Todd Haug – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Jeff Litke – bass guitar, backing vocals

Adrian Liberty – drums & backing vocals

Track listing & running times for the Powermad EP – The Madness Begins…

Side One:

Terminator (4:20)

Hunter Seeker (2:52)

Side Two:

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment (1:45)

Blind Leading The Blind (4:23)

Here is what the front cover of my POWERMAD Vinyl EP looks like:

Man, I couldn’t have asked for this POWERMAD EP to be in any better condition than this! You can see how it still bestows the original gloss on these front and back covers.

Here is what the back cover of my POWERMAD vinyl EP looks like:

POWERMAD, from left to right on this back cover:

Todd Haug, Joel Dubay, Jeff Litke, Adrian Liberty

* POWERMAD – The Madness Begins… was released in 1988 on Reprise Records.

* POWERMAD released their only full length album in 1989 – Absolute Power, on Reprise Records.

This is what the album cover looks like for Absolute Power:

I don’t own a copy of Absolute Power… yet. I will find one though, preferably on vinyl… you betcha.

* The 1986 self titled POWERMAD EP on Combat Records was released as part of the Combat Boot Camp Series, showcasing a heavy band’s demo.


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