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MEGADETH – To Reunite With Marty Friedman In Budokan!

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For the first time in more than 23 years, Megadeth alumni Marty Friedman will join Megadeth on stage as the special guest for our one-off global livestream from the legendary Budokan Arena in Tokyo, Japan on February 27!

“Marty and I have remained friends over 23 years, since we last played together. However, I hear his music every night, and he still is among the top guitar players I’ve ever heard. This is an amazing treat for the fans, as well as myself. To be honest, I may drift off while listening to Kiko and Marty play together!” -Dave Mustaine

Get your tickets for this global livestream event now at

Source: MEGADETH newsletter

MEGADETH – Announce ‘They Only Come Out at Night’ – Live At Budokan – A Global Livestream Event!

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From MEGADETH newsletter:

MEGADETH announce ‘They Only Come Out at Night’ – Live at Budokan – A Global Livestream Event on February 27, 2023 + on-demand for 2 days!

Metal icons MEGADETH will perform live at the legendary Budokan arena in Tokyo, Japan for a special global livestream event on 27th February.

Fans will be treated to virtual VIP access to the band pre-show, with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video capturing their trip through Japan. All leading into the band’s first-ever live performance at the world-famous Budokan where they will be performing classic tracks, as well as tracks from their current album, The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead!, including the GRAMMY® nominated single “We’ll Be Back”.

Livestream tickets are on sale now at

MEGADETH – Will Perform At Wacken Open Air 2023

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From MEGADETH newsletter:

We are thrilled to be the first band announced for Wacken Open Air 2023! Excited to take part in this legendary festival once again. See you next year!!


MEGADETH – “Warheads On Foreheads” Releasing On March 22nd!

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WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS Greatest Hits album arrives March 22 featuring 35 remastered tracks hand selected by Dave Mustaine. Cyber Army pre-orders begin January 25.



MEGADETH – ‘The World Needs A Hero’ And ‘The System Has Failed’ Reissues Landing On February 15th, 2019

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From MEGADETH newsletter:

On February 15, 2019, we will reissue The System Has Failed and The World Needs a Hero on CD, vinyl and digital platforms. You can pre-order both albums now at

MEGADETH‘s ninth studio album, The World Needs a Hero was originally released in May 2001 and was critically acclaimed as a return to a heavier musical direction for the band. It charted at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 and received positive reviews across the music press.

The World Needs A Hero – Track Listing:

01. Disconnect
02. The World Needs a Hero
03. Moto Psycho
04. 1000 Times Goodbye
05. Burning Bridges
06. Promises
07. Recipe For Hate… Warhorse
08. Losing My Senses
09. Dread and the Fugitive Mind
10. Silent Scorn
11. Return to Hangar
12. When
13. Coming Home (CD Bonus Track)

* The full album has been newly remastered by Ted Jensen (GUNS N’ ROSES, MASTODON, MACHINE HEAD, TRIVIUM).

* Includes rare live bonus track “Coming Home” on the CD and digital versions.

* First time ever on vinyl in North America.

* CD has been out of print for five years.

MEGADETH‘s tenth studio album, The System Has Failed was originally released in September 2004. Following the direction set by its predecessor, The World Needs A Hero, it headed further into the bands thrashier past and was a hit amongst fans and critics alike. Debuting at No. 18 on the Billboard chart, the album received positive reviews across the board stating it as vital and solid.

The System Has Failed – Track Listing

01. Blackmail the Universe
02. Die Dead Enough
03. Kick the Chair
04. The Scorpion
05. Tears in a Vial
06. I Know Jack
07. Back in the Day
08. Something That I’m Not
09. Truth Be Told
10. Of Mice and Men
11. Shadow of Deth
12. My Kingdom
13. Time / Use the Man (Live) (CD Bonus Track)
14. The Conjuring (Live) (CD Bonus Track)

* The full album has been newly remastered by Ted Jensen (GUNS N’ ROSESMASTODONMACHINE HEADTRIVIUM).

* Includes rare live bonus tracks Time/Use the Man and The Conjuring on the CD and digital versions.

* First time ever on vinyl in North America.

* CD has been out of print for five years.



DAVE MUSTAINE & MEGADETH – Can We Stop Throwing Stones At These METAL Legends?

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Megadeth Chrome Logo Banner 2009

It seems to me, since the legendary Dave Mustaine made public he is a man of Christian faith, that the insults, negative comments and bullshit, nonsensical rhetoric has been thrown his way like a tsunami. It’s a mob rules mentality when it comes to throwing stones at Dave Mustaine and Megadeth.

Gee, if Dave Mustaine announced himself as an atheist, would that make him more cool? Gee, if Dave Mustaine announced himself as a Satanist, would it make him more attractive and bitchin? If Dave Mustaine made it clear he was a die-hard liberal, would ALL fans and critics praise his every step in life? If Dave Mustaine was constantly being found passed out in the gutters of Hollywood Boulevard, would it make him a Metal hero?

Megadeth - Super Collider - promo cover pic!

Many fans, critics and those not in the know have labeled the new album from Megadeth, Super Collider, as a terrible and/or worst Megadeth album ever. Give me a fucking break. That’s totally insane. Have y’all ever listened to Metallica’s crap from the 90’s? Save for The Black Album, Metallica did everything they could to get on the good side of Rolling Stone magazine and the bullshit Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, with their radio friendly and garbage pail albums from the 90’s.

Dave Mustaine has made his mistakes in life, there’s no doubt. He’s admitted it all in his fantastic and sincere 2011 biography. Gigantour has given bands a commercial lift when they needed it most, while keeping the Metal fires burning in the mainstream spotlight. Dave Mustaine is not a perfect human being; nor is Megadeth a perfect Metal band.

Mustaine - autobiography promo cover pic!

If y’all want to bitch and moan about something in the world of Metal, then bitch about how Sharon Osbourne has controlled the Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne machines. Bitch and shit your pants about how The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is an anti-Metal good-ol-boys-club and ignores the facts that Judas Priest, Deep PurpleRainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, KISSMotörhead, Scorpions and Helloween even exist.

Enough is enough. Dave Mustaine helped (in an ENORMOUS way) to pioneer the legacy of Metallica. The proof is right in front of you. For the Megadeth and Dave Mustaine haters out there, do your fucking Metal homework. Dave Mustaine and Megadeth are every bit the Thrash Metal pioneers that Metallica are. Dave Mustaine and his Megadeth band are not just Metal legends, they’re Metal icons. For those haters out there, show some fucking respect or get the hell out of our Metal family. Metal be thy name.


* For More Info On MEGADETH:

Facebook: Megadeth

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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Gigantour - 2013 - promo flyer header

GIGANTOUR – The critically acclaimed package festival founded in 2005 by MEGADETH’s Dave Mustaine returns in 2013 with an incredible new line-up for the tour. In addition to headliner MEGADETH, the multi-artist bill features Metal heavyweights BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DEVICE, HELLYEAH, NEWSTED and DEATH DIVISION, all personally picked by MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine.

“This year’s power-packed lineup is probably the best Gigantour yet, and we’ve had some pretty massive Gigantours over the years. Gigantour 2013 brings four of my favorite bands, each centered around a superstar. With Zakk, David, Vinnie, and Jason there are going to be fans from Ozzy to Disturbed to Pantera to Metallica and everything that’s Metal in-between! Don’t miss the metal festival of the summer!” says Mustaine.

Megadeth Chrome Logo Banner 2009

He founded the tour in 2005 and over the years has had established artists such as Volbeat, Motorhead, Anthrax, Fear Factory and Dream Theater, as well as giving (then) up-and-coming artists Lacuna Coil, Into Eternity and Sanctity their first break on a national festival tour. GIGANTOUR 2013 continues with this tradition.

GIGANTOUR 2013 will kick off on July 3rd in Gilford, NH and wind its way through North America, hitting cities throughout Canada and the U.S., wrapping on August 11th in Toronto, Canada. Tickets are on sale now! Check for further details.

MEGADETH has also teamed up with Artist Arena ( to provide fans with Ultimate VIP packages, including premium tickets, meet and greets, exclusive gifts and more. Go to for all the details.

Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction - promo cover


For a Heavy Metal band that’s been around for nearly three decades, selling more than 38 million albums worldwide, earning numerous accolades including 11 Grammy® nominations, scoring five consecutive platinum albums—including 1992’s two-million-selling Countdown to Extinction, MEGADETH’s founder, leader and primal guitar-slinger and lyricist Dave Mustaine feels the best is yet to come. Megadeth has released their 14th studio album titled Super Collider, (today) June 4, 2013, through Mustaine’s new label, Tradecraft, through UMe, just in time for GIGANTOUR 2013.

Megadeth - Super Collider - promo cover pic!


Get the new Megadeth album “Super Collider” on iTunes now!


Mustaine formed Megadeth in Los Angeles in 1983, and with a string of five consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums Megadeth became one of the biggest bands of the mid-’80s and ’90s, boasting such arena anthems as “Symphony of Destruction,” “Peace Sells,” “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,” and “Sweating Bullets,” along with the top singles in 1997/98 off Cryptic Writings, “Trust,” (No. 1 track) “Almost Honest,” “Use The Man” and “A Secret Place.”


(Source: Gigantour facebook)

For more info, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Gigantour

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Some METAL Babbling and Other METAL Thoughts on a Rain-Soaked Friday…

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Yesterday, January 26th, 2012, was my birthday. I didn’t want to mention it on Metal Odyssey yesterday due to everyone (myself included) trying to absorb the news of Mark Reale (RIOT founder/guitarist) passing away. It just wouldn’t have sat right with me, that’s for certain. It feels like too many “legendary good guys” of Metal have left in the last few years. Way too many.

The entire reason why you see 90% of the time, the “Long Live __” below the Metal Odyssey logo block pic or my thumbnail pic, at the bottom of the posts here, is due to my cherishing life… period. Rock ‘N Metal contributes, in an enormous way, in making my life happy. Therefore, I want every band and musician I cover on Metal Odyssey to live long.

Now, some of you are probably wondering how old I am? Here is a hint: I’m younger than Betty White. Here is another hint: I’m older than Chris Daughtry. With that said, I still have more hair than Chris Daughtry.

I received a very, very, cool birthday present from my family. Let me tell you, I am psyched-out about this gift. Here it is:

Now, for those of you who don’t know who this book is about, you are probably part of “that crowd” getting all giddy about ABBA releasing “The Visitors Deluxe Edition” this April. Get this, ABBA is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, yet Dave Mustaine and his band MEGADETH aren’t. A wise old Metalhead hermit, that lived deep in the Northern Connecticut woods once told me: “Stone, l-l-life j-j-ust ain’t f’n fair at all”.

Hey. Stone scored. Scored what you’re asking? Scored this book for 50 f’n cents at a thrift store this past week:

Ghost Rider – The Visual Guide (2006) is written by Andrew Darling and it covers the Ghost Rider origins, comics and Nicolas Cage too. This very cool book is hardcover and is like new as well. Whoa. I’ve kept a few older Ghost Rider comics from when I was a kid, plus I picked up several issues during the 90’s as well. Ghost Rider has always been to me… METAL.

I did buy myself two CD’s for my birthday. Lamb Of God – Resolution (Epic) and Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline (Century Media). (Dark Adrenaline cover is at top of post). I am stoked about this new Lacuna Coil album and I’m super-duper-dee-duper, unbelievably excited about this new Lamb Of God album. Metal be thy name.


Yes, the title to this post does contain the words: rain-soaked. Pennsylvania has been overwhelmed with rain for many, many months now it seems. I just don’t know how much more rain the water table can withstand before the area where I live becomes: the sixth Great Lake.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Metal babble.





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MEGADETHDave Mustaine and his Thrash Metal legacy continues, with his band MEGADETH. Rust In Peace Live will be Released on September 7th, 2010, on Shout Factory! The entire MEGADETH studio album Rust In Peace is a known Thrash Metal Classic and this gem is performed live in it’s entirety on Rust In Peace Live. Rust In Peace was the fourth studio album from MEGADETH, released back in 1990, on Capitol Records. There are several other MEGADETH songs on this forthcoming live album as well… classics all.

You bet your Metal ass I’m gonna be buying Rust In Peace Live! Once a MEGADETH fan… always a MEGADETH fan and there is no copping out. The front cover album artwork is vintage MEGADETH, with the unmistakable logo and the image of Vic Rattlehead in the foreground. MEGADETH can keep on releasing the Thrash Metal goods… and I’ll keep on buyin’ em up. Metal be thy name.

* Rust In Peace Live was recorded at The Hollywood Palladium, March 31, 2010.

* For more info on MEGADETH, just click here: MEGADETH – Official Website


Dave Mustaine – vocals, guitar

Chris Broderick – guitar

David Ellefson – bass

Shawn Drover – drums, percussion

Here is the front cover album artwork for the 1990 studio album – Rust In Peace:

Track Listing For – RUST IN PEACE *LIVE*:

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Hangar 18

Take No Prisoners

Five Magics

Poison Was The Cure


Tornado Of Souls

Dawn Patrol

Rust In Peace… Polaris

Holy Wars Reprise

Skin O’ My Teeth

In My Darkest Hour



Symphony Of Destruction

Peace Sells



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