Some METAL Babbling and Other METAL Thoughts on a Rain-Soaked Friday…

Yesterday, January 26th, 2012, was my birthday. I didn’t want to mention it on Metal Odyssey yesterday due to everyone (myself included) trying to absorb the news of Mark Reale (RIOT founder/guitarist) passing away. It just wouldn’t have sat right with me, that’s for certain. It feels like too many “legendary good guys” of Metal have left in the last few years. Way too many.

The entire reason why you see 90% of the time, the “Long Live __” below the Metal Odyssey logo block pic or my thumbnail pic, at the bottom of the posts here, is due to my cherishing life… period. Rock ‘N Metal contributes, in an enormous way, in making my life happy. Therefore, I want every band and musician I cover on Metal Odyssey to live long.

Now, some of you are probably wondering how old I am? Here is a hint: I’m younger than Betty White. Here is another hint: I’m older than Chris Daughtry. With that said, I still have more hair than Chris Daughtry.

I received a very, very, cool birthday present from my family. Let me tell you, I am psyched-out about this gift. Here it is:

Now, for those of you who don’t know who this book is about, you are probably part of “that crowd” getting all giddy about ABBA releasing “The Visitors Deluxe Edition” this April. Get this, ABBA is in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, yet Dave Mustaine and his band MEGADETH aren’t. A wise old Metalhead hermit, that lived deep in the Northern Connecticut woods once told me: “Stone, l-l-life j-j-ust ain’t f’n fair at all”.

Hey. Stone scored. Scored what you’re asking? Scored this book for 50 f’n cents at a thrift store this past week:

Ghost Rider – The Visual Guide (2006) is written by Andrew Darling and it covers the Ghost Rider origins, comics and Nicolas Cage too. This very cool book is hardcover and is like new as well. Whoa. I’ve kept a few older Ghost Rider comics from when I was a kid, plus I picked up several issues during the 90’s as well. Ghost Rider has always been to me… METAL.

I did buy myself two CD’s for my birthday. Lamb Of God – Resolution (Epic) and Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline (Century Media). (Dark Adrenaline cover is at top of post). I am stoked about this new Lacuna Coil album and I’m super-duper-dee-duper, unbelievably excited about this new Lamb Of God album. Metal be thy name.


Yes, the title to this post does contain the words: rain-soaked. Pennsylvania has been overwhelmed with rain for many, many months now it seems. I just don’t know how much more rain the water table can withstand before the area where I live becomes: the sixth Great Lake.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Metal babble.




7 Responses to “Some METAL Babbling and Other METAL Thoughts on a Rain-Soaked Friday…”

  1. Hey dude! Belated birthday wishes! Like the Ghost Rider book – what a bargain man!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thank you, Kev! Yeah… I like “that old bargain find”. I (like so many of us) pay full price so often for stuff, it just feels good to land them “finds”! \m/

  2. Happy Heavy Metal Birthday Stone! LONG LIVE STONE!

  3. Happy Birthday Stone, you’re still younger than me! But if you think you have too much rain, try living in Britain although we had snow last night. Another metal stalwart departs the Earth and I’m bummed. I’ve always liked Riot and must make a trip to the attic to get out my “Thundersteel” cassette.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Stone! \m/ I hope yours was great!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Well now that I know our B’days are just 2 days apart… Happy Birthday back at ya and hope yours was Rockin’! 🙂 \m/

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