DAVE MUSTAINE & MEGADETH – Can We Stop Throwing Stones At These METAL Legends?

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It seems to me, since the legendary Dave Mustaine made public he is a man of Christian faith, that the insults, negative comments and bullshit, nonsensical rhetoric has been thrown his way like a tsunami. It’s a mob rules mentality when it comes to throwing stones at Dave Mustaine and Megadeth.

Gee, if Dave Mustaine announced himself as an atheist, would that make him more cool? Gee, if Dave Mustaine announced himself as a Satanist, would it make him more attractive and bitchin? If Dave Mustaine made it clear he was a die-hard liberal, would ALL fans and critics praise his every step in life? If Dave Mustaine was constantly being found passed out in the gutters of Hollywood Boulevard, would it make him a Metal hero?

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Many fans, critics and those not in the know have labeled the new album from Megadeth, Super Collider, as a terrible and/or worst Megadeth album ever. Give me a fucking break. That’s totally insane. Have y’all ever listened to Metallica’s crap from the 90’s? Save for The Black Album, Metallica did everything they could to get on the good side of Rolling Stone magazine and the bullshit Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, with their radio friendly and garbage pail albums from the 90’s.

Dave Mustaine has made his mistakes in life, there’s no doubt. He’s admitted it all in his fantastic and sincere 2011 biography. Gigantour has given bands a commercial lift when they needed it most, while keeping the Metal fires burning in the mainstream spotlight. Dave Mustaine is not a perfect human being; nor is Megadeth a perfect Metal band.

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If y’all want to bitch and moan about something in the world of Metal, then bitch about how Sharon Osbourne has controlled the Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne machines. Bitch and shit your pants about how The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is an anti-Metal good-ol-boys-club and ignores the facts that Judas Priest, Deep PurpleRainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, KISSMotörhead, Scorpions and Helloween even exist.

Enough is enough. Dave Mustaine helped (in an ENORMOUS way) to pioneer the legacy of Metallica. The proof is right in front of you. For the Megadeth and Dave Mustaine haters out there, do your fucking Metal homework. Dave Mustaine and Megadeth are every bit the Thrash Metal pioneers that Metallica are. Dave Mustaine and his Megadeth band are not just Metal legends, they’re Metal icons. For those haters out there, show some fucking respect or get the hell out of our Metal family. Metal be thy name.


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7 Responses to “DAVE MUSTAINE & MEGADETH – Can We Stop Throwing Stones At These METAL Legends?”

  1. YES! Well said Stone! He’s been an easy target, but I always respect a guy who, when the chips are down, gets his sh*t together and delivers, and whatever the naysayers are saying ‘Super Collider’ delivers. I also admire the way Mustaine, realizing he’s tapped into his creative vibe again, wants to write more sooner rather than later. If you want your heroes perfect, don’t look to Metal! They are forged in fire, adversity, and yes rock n roll recklessness, and some don’t make it through to the other side, but they leave us some ass-kicking songs! \m/\m/

  2. ..and as a post-script, I’m not a religious man, never have been, but my all-time hero Glenn Hughes found his ‘God’, and whatever that is to him, it saved his life, and there is no doubt there would be three decades of Glenn Hughes music we would be without if he had not chosen this path. It worked for him, worked for Mustaine too, and whilst its not my thing, i can sure as hell respect it, and the strength it’s given them.

    • Right on, Kev! Understood and grand points made!

      At this moment, in the U.S., there is an awful backlash against those who are of the Christian/Catholic faith. I’m just sick and tired of it all. My Metal and Rock N’ Roll loyalty are to ALL those who make great music… regardless of their religious faith or political party they belong to.

      I’ve just read too many ‘jabs’ at Dave Mustaine in the past year regarding his faith and I think it’s so very low. These ‘jabs’ have come from many famous musicians on twitter too. It’s like: WTF?

      You are absolutely correct about Glenn Hughes; he is constantly referencing his faith and being happy to be alive!! Heck, I give ALL bands of ALL faiths their due here on Metal Odyssey, therefore, when I read such immature and mean spirited comments directed at such a legitimate Metal legend as Dave Mustaine, I tend to get a bit (gasp) upset!

      You ROCK Kev… Thank you for your input, it’s ALWAYS an asset to Metal Odyssey! 🙂 \m/\m/

  3. Awesome! Mustaine is the closest thing Thrash has to a genius and I don’t care about his personality or politics. Super Collider is not the best thing he’s ever done but it certainly isn’t the worst and people’s reactions against it have been blown out of proportion.

    • Right?? It’s like, the first few who wrote that ‘Super Collider’ sucks just ignited an avalanche of haters that I honestly do not feel even listened to the album!!

      I don’t discriminate against ANYONE here on Metal Odyssey regarding their religious beliefs or political party they are loyal to. So when others get nasty about religion or political loyalty, I eventually NEED to let off some of my own Metal steam! LOL!

      You ROCK, Metal Buddy \m/\m/

  4. I can’t think of anything to add … kev moore said exactly how I feel!

    And, Stone, I completely agree with your comment about Megadeth and Metallica!

  5. Yes, yes, yes, couldn’t agree more. I am finally getting to see Megadeth this year in Raleigh. Can’t wait. Bravo for Mustaine for being so open and honest about his faith. That takes a lot of courage.

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