ZUD “The Good, The Bad And The Damned” – Maine Metal Has Invaded!

ZUD - promo band pic - 2013 - #1

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


ZUD – When I think of Thompson’s Point, Maine, the last thing I would think of is Black Metal or any Metal at all. I dunno, it’s Maine for crap sakes. I think of those moose crossing/warning signs I used to see when I did venture into that state as a printing salesman. Hey. That was a long time ago. I wore an embarrassing tie for that shit job. Alright, enough of my bullshit and onto ZUD; and this Black Metal meets 70’s Classic Rock band is from Thompson’s Point, Maine. Metal be thy name.

This Debut Album From ZUD Is Titled: The Good, The Bad And The Damned

ZUD knows how to jam. ZUD can shred. ZUD can probably do any damn thing they want to do, way, way up there in Thompson’s Point, Maine. Portal To Infinity is a rather quick intro. It’s not that spooky to me. Then again, I’m the dude that brags about really seeing a spectre back in the late 80’s. No, I wasn’t drunk or high at that particular time. At 12:47, Skull Shaped Hell is one hell of a blackened jam! This song is so damn good that it seems like it’s only 4 minutes long to me.

ZUD - The Good The Bad And The Damned - promo cover

Blood And Twilight at 8:23 long, continues the guitar driven and darkened good-times. Is it proper to use “good-times” within an album review that is Black Metal themed? Hey. At my age it’s good-times just going to buy a 6-pack of Yuengling. The Junction clocks in at 9:40. As you can see, these songs are long. However, these songs kick some blackened backwoods ass. Dendrite Fumes entertains at 9:15 long. There’s a ton of bang for your Metal buck with this ZUD album; and it’s underground Metal that’s saturated with quality song writing, musicianship and vocals.

With Black Metal vocals, Classic Rock intervals of guitar jamming, intense drumming and moments of Metal extremity with evil lyrics, ZUD is a band that I’m more than happy to embrace and welcome into my Metal world of loyalty. Shit. I used the word “happy” in this album review. Whatever. Y’all get my Metal point. ZUD is the real Metal deal and if you think that sounds cliché then go read some old copies of Reader’s Digest. Metal be thy Maine. Oops. I meant name.

ZUD - Large Band Logo - B&W

The Good, The Bad And The Damned – Track Listing:

1. Portal To Infinity

2. Skull Shaped Hell

3. Blood And Twilight

4. The Junction

5. Dendrite Fumes


* For More Info On ZUD:



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