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GAMA BOMB “Tales From The Grave In Space” – A Thrashin’, Moshin’, Old School Blowout!

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GAMA BOMB – Released back on February 9, 2010, on Earache Records, Tales From The Grave In Space is a Thrash Metal album that mixes in spooky themes, plenty of good times-moshin’ vibes and a whole lot of Old School. Metal as my witness, Gama Bomb gets it. These Irish dudes are obviously well versed and influenced by the golden age of Thrash Metal, still they deliver a fresh approach to making Old School feel like it’s new again. In comparing Gama Bomb’s sound to any of the legendary Thrash Metal bands, Anthrax comes to my Metal mind. The gang vocals coupled with the vocals from Philly Byrne, over all the free spirited Thrash noize that Gama Bomb administers, has me leaning towards those days when Anthrax sported printed shorts, unlaced sneakers and comic tees.

All legendary comparisons aside, Gama Bomb is a younger band that seems to have caught some Thrash Metal magic in a bottle… all the while steering away from anything that can make their Thrash Metal come across watered down. In other words, no silly ballad or over production will be heard on Tales From The Grave In Space… thank God. This Gama Bomb album is all about the meat and potatoes of Thrash Metal, with stacks of excitable guitar leads, solos and thick riffs. Mentioning the gang vocals again, only magnifies the nod of importance that Gama Bomb takes towards an Old School vibe and persona.

Metal be thy name, each time I listen to this Gama Bomb album, I get all Metal invigorated, wishing I decided on having a mosh pit added onto my house. That’s fine though, my current household surroundings shall suffice. As you listen to this album, it’s easy to discern Gama Bomb is not about being pissed off, instead their Thrash evokes having one damn ghoulish good time. There’s no disputing Gama Bomb likes to have (gasp) fun with their song titles and lyrics, which in turn makes them all the more enticing. So often, listening to music is described as an escape, with Tales From The Grave In Space, I have gleefully escaped any antagonistic stimuli peering in from the outside world.

All twelve songs are rip and tear Thrash and Gama Bomb accomplished quite the complete album without any aggregate waste. Thrash Metal fans both young and (gasp) old should give Gama Bomb a thorough listen… it is Metal time well spent for me. The songs on this album are all relatively short, with just two songs clocking in just barely over 3 minutes. The lack of an epic song is actually like a breath of Metal fresh air. The equality in these songs running time makes for a rapid fire listen that never loses my Metal attention.

Back in late February or early March of this year, Metal Buddy “Kinger” from Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival emailed me a link to check out Gama Bomb giving away free, their newly released Tales From The Grave In Space via download. Kinger couldn’t believe it, nor could I, that a band and it’s respective record company were actually giving their fans the opportunity to download their new album free of charge! It was a stupendous lead from Kinger, breaking this Gama Bomb news.

A huge Metal kudos goes out to both Gama Bomb and Earache Records! I checked as recent as today, (December 3, 2010), to see if Tales From The Grave In Space is still available for free & legal download… it is! Just click on the link below to download this Thrashtastic album from Gama Bomb, FREE!.. courtesy of Gama Bomb and Earache Records.


I did purchase the hardcopy of this Gama Bomb CD at fye sometime around this past March. The liner notes and all accompanying artwork were the draw… there are 8 mini comics within the liner notes, each one corresponds to a track on Tales From The Grave In Space.  The mini comics are: Three Witches, Last Ninjas Unite, Escape From Scarecrow Mountain, Apocalypse 1997, Return To Blood Castle, Polterghost, Skeletron and Mummy Invasion. There are also some amusing and vintage magazine/comic ads from yesteryear in these liner notes as well, the likes of: body building, kids binoculars and acne cream. Fun stuff are these liner notes.

* For more info on GAMA BOMB, just click on the links below:

GAMA BOMB – myspace music



Philly Byrne – vocals

Joe McGuigan – bass & backing vocals

Luke Graham – guitar

Domo Dixon – guitar

Paul Caffrey – drums

Track Listing For Tales From The Grave In Space:

Slam Anthem

New Eliminators Of Atlantis B.C.

Three Witches

Last Ninjas Unite

Escape From Scarecrow Mountain

Mussolini Mosh

We Respect You

Apocalypse 1997

Return To Blood Castle



Mummy Invasion



WARBEAST “Krush The Enemy” – Thrash Metal That’s Mandatory!

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WARBEAST – Released back on April 27, 2010, on Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records, Krush The Enemy is the debut album from this Thrash Metal juggernaut from Texas called… WARBEAST. To say that Warbeast pummels and Thrashes with a formidable amount of speed and power is a gross miscalculation. Try ultra-formidable speed and Thrash power. This band excels at brandishing their own Thrash Metal identity, leaving me wanting to tell the world they kick some serious Thrashin’ ass.

The dueling guitars of Rick Perry and Scott Shelby are a bounty of unbelievable riffs and leads that don’t sound textbook nor duplicated from Thrash Metal’s glorious past. Double bass explosions are courtesy of Joe Gonzalez, with Alan Bovee keeping the thunderous rhythmic pace throughout this fantastic album. This is real-deal and original Thrashin’ licks happening on Krush The Enemy… with no additives or fillers. As I listen to Warbeast, I don’t get the vibe that they are part of this enormous Thrash revival that has taken over the planet. Instead, it sounds like Warbeast was around since 1984 and are administering their Thrash assault upon the masses with legendary conviction. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be thinking I missed out on Warbeast during those deliriously Metal ’80’s!

Former front man for Rigor MortisBruce Corbitt on vocals comes across punctually angst ridden, with an attitude that’s fiery or pissed off, take your Metal pick. I’ll pick both. Bruce sings these songs on Krush The Enemy as if Warbeast is a Thrash Metal band to reckon with… and I’m reckoning they are. Check that, Warbeast plays Thrash so damn good, they must be reckoned with. Seriously, Krush The Enemy is not just another Thrash Metal CD, where you listen to it once and then plop in on top of the pile. Warbeast plays such potent Thrash, I am going to have Krush The Enemy playing rather frequently, if not daily, for some time.

When bringing up relevance when it comes to Old School Thrash Metal, when has it ever been out of favor in our Metal community? Um, never. I have sincerely arrived to dislike the word relevance anyways. With all of that out of the way, Warbeast’s Krush The Enemy is as close to Old School Thrash Metal as any Metalhead will hear. Damn, is this album a stompingly brutal listen for my ears, making me believe that real Metal is alive and quite well.

A breakdown of songs here would be nonsensical in every Metal sense of the word. Just know that Krush The Enemy is all about the total Thrash Metal package, with ten songs that should come with a whiplash warning to thine neck. Head banging and neck thrashing is not just allowed while listening to Krush The Enemy, it’s mandated.

* For more info on WARBEAST, just click on the links below:

WARBEAST – myspace music

WARBEAST – Official Website

* For more info on Housecore Records, click here: HOUSECORE RECORDS


Bruce Corbitt – vocals

Rick Perry – guitar

Scott Shelby – guitar

Alan Bovee – bass

Joe Gonzalez – drums

* As reported on the official WARBEAST website, on August 13, 2010, “The Governor” Rick Perry has been replaced by guitarist Bobby Tillotson, aka “J.R.”. WARBEAST expresses there are no hard feelings, they love Rick Perry and he shall be a member of the WARBEAST family forever.

* Rick Perry and Scott Shelby are former guitarists for Texas Thrash Metallers… Gammacide. Bass guitarist Alan Bovee also played for Gammacide.

* Drummer Joe Gonzalez is formerly from Demonseed, a Death Metal band from Dallas, Texas.

* Krush The Enemy was produced by: Philip H. Anselmo… and a damn great job Phil did producing this album, in my Metal opinion.

Track Listing For Krush The Enemy:

Krush The Enemy


Self Will Run Riot

The Plague At Hand

Born With A Blackened Heart

Scorched Earth Policy

Guardian Angel

The Controller


We Are The Vultures





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MEGADETHDave Mustaine and his Thrash Metal legacy continues, with his band MEGADETH. Rust In Peace Live will be Released on September 7th, 2010, on Shout Factory! The entire MEGADETH studio album Rust In Peace is a known Thrash Metal Classic and this gem is performed live in it’s entirety on Rust In Peace Live. Rust In Peace was the fourth studio album from MEGADETH, released back in 1990, on Capitol Records. There are several other MEGADETH songs on this forthcoming live album as well… classics all.

You bet your Metal ass I’m gonna be buying Rust In Peace Live! Once a MEGADETH fan… always a MEGADETH fan and there is no copping out. The front cover album artwork is vintage MEGADETH, with the unmistakable logo and the image of Vic Rattlehead in the foreground. MEGADETH can keep on releasing the Thrash Metal goods… and I’ll keep on buyin’ em up. Metal be thy name.

* Rust In Peace Live was recorded at The Hollywood Palladium, March 31, 2010.

* For more info on MEGADETH, just click here: MEGADETH – Official Website


Dave Mustaine – vocals, guitar

Chris Broderick – guitar

David Ellefson – bass

Shawn Drover – drums, percussion

Here is the front cover album artwork for the 1990 studio album – Rust In Peace:

Track Listing For – RUST IN PEACE *LIVE*:

Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Hangar 18

Take No Prisoners

Five Magics

Poison Was The Cure


Tornado Of Souls

Dawn Patrol

Rust In Peace… Polaris

Holy Wars Reprise

Skin O’ My Teeth

In My Darkest Hour



Symphony Of Destruction

Peace Sells




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BONDED BY BLOODPomona California’s very own Thrash Metal ambassadors – Bonded By Blood are set to release their second studio album on Earache Records… Exiled To Earth. The North American release date is August 10, 2010 with the U.K. and Europe release date being August 16, 2010.

Bonded By Blood will be playing at the Brutal Assault Open Air Festival in Josefov, Czech Republic , CZ, on August 12, 2010. August 13th thru the 15th finds Bonded By Blood tagged for three concerts in The United Kingdom. August 15th ends with their playing at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival – Mainstage, at Catton Hall, United Kingdom.

August 17, 2010 is the beginning of Bonded By Blood trekking across North America in support of Exiled To Earth, on the March Of Brutality Tour, opening for Thrash Metal legends… EXODUS! Vancouver, BC, Canada, is the first North American city on the schedule, which will commence on December 13th, 2010, in Sin City itself… Las Vegas, Nevada.

Throughout this North American tour, Bonded By Blood will be teaming up with Thrash Metal veterans/legends OVERKILL and Forbidden. Early Man, Evile and Gama Bomb are also slated to be on the bill with Bonded By Blood, on selected dates, throughout this tour.

* For more info on BONDED BY BLOOD and a detailed list of their 2010 tour schedule, just click on the link below:

BONDED BY BLOOD – myspace music page


Jose Barrales – vocals

Alex Lee – guitar & vocals

Juan Juarez – guitar

Jerry Garcia – bass & vocals

Carlos Regalado – drums

Track listing for Exiled To Earth:

600 a.B (After the Bomb)

Episodes of Aggression

Prototype: Death Machine

Prison Planet

Genetic Encryption

Blood Spilled Offerings

Exiled To Earth

Parasitic Infection

Desolate Future

Sector 87





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Look out. Gary Holt and Tom Hunting mean Metal business… their legendary Thrash Band – Exodus is going to make another Thrash Metal thunder strike again in 2010. Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live At Wacken And Other Assorted Atrocities, (on Nuclear Blast), hits the U.S. Metal Market on January 12, 2009 and the European Metal Market on January 15, 2009! That is this coming Tuesday, my fellow U.S. Metalheads. When I stop to think about it, there is nothing more Metal enlightening than having so many Old School Thrash Bands still creating albums, DVD’s and touring up to this point in Metal time, Exodus is just one great example.

This NEW Exodus release will be a 2 DVD and 1 CD package – U.S. The double DVD is live concert footage of Exodus at the Wacken Open Air Festival. The CD is live Exodus playing at the Waken Open Air Festival… we are going to get the best of both Thrash Metal worlds here, both audio and visual! This release features Exodus at the 2008 Wacken Open Air Festival. Also included on the DVD: Exodus documentary, never before seen footage, photo gallery and music videos.

Exodus Is:

Rob Dukes – vocals

Gary Holt – guitar

Lee Altus – guitar

Jack Gibson – bass

Tom Hunting – drums

The Wacken Open Air Heavy Metal Festival is annually held in Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. The Wacken Festival was first held in 1990, as a small concert promoting and showcasing local German bands. The Wacken Open Air Festival is now the major Heavy Metal festival held in Europe today.

To find out more about the Wacken Open Air Festival history and up to the minute news on the 2010 edition of this Heavy Metal celebration, click here: Wacken Open Air Festival

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