GAMA BOMB “Tales From The Grave In Space” – A Thrashin’, Moshin’, Old School Blowout!

GAMA BOMB – Released back on February 9, 2010, on Earache Records, Tales From The Grave In Space is a Thrash Metal album that mixes in spooky themes, plenty of good times-moshin’ vibes and a whole lot of Old School. Metal as my witness, Gama Bomb gets it. These Irish dudes are obviously well versed and influenced by the golden age of Thrash Metal, still they deliver a fresh approach to making Old School feel like it’s new again. In comparing Gama Bomb’s sound to any of the legendary Thrash Metal bands, Anthrax comes to my Metal mind. The gang vocals coupled with the vocals from Philly Byrne, over all the free spirited Thrash noize that Gama Bomb administers, has me leaning towards those days when Anthrax sported printed shorts, unlaced sneakers and comic tees.

All legendary comparisons aside, Gama Bomb is a younger band that seems to have caught some Thrash Metal magic in a bottle… all the while steering away from anything that can make their Thrash Metal come across watered down. In other words, no silly ballad or over production will be heard on Tales From The Grave In Space… thank God. This Gama Bomb album is all about the meat and potatoes of Thrash Metal, with stacks of excitable guitar leads, solos and thick riffs. Mentioning the gang vocals again, only magnifies the nod of importance that Gama Bomb takes towards an Old School vibe and persona.

Metal be thy name, each time I listen to this Gama Bomb album, I get all Metal invigorated, wishing I decided on having a mosh pit added onto my house. That’s fine though, my current household surroundings shall suffice. As you listen to this album, it’s easy to discern Gama Bomb is not about being pissed off, instead their Thrash evokes having one damn ghoulish good time. There’s no disputing Gama Bomb likes to have (gasp) fun with their song titles and lyrics, which in turn makes them all the more enticing. So often, listening to music is described as an escape, with Tales From The Grave In Space, I have gleefully escaped any antagonistic stimuli peering in from the outside world.

All twelve songs are rip and tear Thrash and Gama Bomb accomplished quite the complete album without any aggregate waste. Thrash Metal fans both young and (gasp) old should give Gama Bomb a thorough listen… it is Metal time well spent for me. The songs on this album are all relatively short, with just two songs clocking in just barely over 3 minutes. The lack of an epic song is actually like a breath of Metal fresh air. The equality in these songs running time makes for a rapid fire listen that never loses my Metal attention.

Back in late February or early March of this year, Metal Buddy “Kinger” from Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival emailed me a link to check out Gama Bomb giving away free, their newly released Tales From The Grave In Space via download. Kinger couldn’t believe it, nor could I, that a band and it’s respective record company were actually giving their fans the opportunity to download their new album free of charge! It was a stupendous lead from Kinger, breaking this Gama Bomb news.

A huge Metal kudos goes out to both Gama Bomb and Earache Records! I checked as recent as today, (December 3, 2010), to see if Tales From The Grave In Space is still available for free & legal download… it is! Just click on the link below to download this Thrashtastic album from Gama Bomb, FREE!.. courtesy of Gama Bomb and Earache Records.


I did purchase the hardcopy of this Gama Bomb CD at fye sometime around this past March. The liner notes and all accompanying artwork were the draw… there are 8 mini comics within the liner notes, each one corresponds to a track on Tales From The Grave In Space.  The mini comics are: Three Witches, Last Ninjas Unite, Escape From Scarecrow Mountain, Apocalypse 1997, Return To Blood Castle, Polterghost, Skeletron and Mummy Invasion. There are also some amusing and vintage magazine/comic ads from yesteryear in these liner notes as well, the likes of: body building, kids binoculars and acne cream. Fun stuff are these liner notes.

* For more info on GAMA BOMB, just click on the links below:

GAMA BOMB – myspace music



Philly Byrne – vocals

Joe McGuigan – bass & backing vocals

Luke Graham – guitar

Domo Dixon – guitar

Paul Caffrey – drums

Track Listing For Tales From The Grave In Space:

Slam Anthem

New Eliminators Of Atlantis B.C.

Three Witches

Last Ninjas Unite

Escape From Scarecrow Mountain

Mussolini Mosh

We Respect You

Apocalypse 1997

Return To Blood Castle



Mummy Invasion



4 Responses to “GAMA BOMB “Tales From The Grave In Space” – A Thrashin’, Moshin’, Old School Blowout!”

  1. Why do I think about the Incredible Hulk every time I hear this band’s name? 🙂

  2. Hey Stone! I tried to e-mail you, but it seemed like it didn’t go through. This is a friend’s band I’m playing with right now, check them out if you’d like:


    I’m helping them out by playing bass for them, it’s a little different than MK, but it’s still really cool.


  3. I heard their previous album and liked it quite a bit.

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