KATAKLYSM “Heaven’s Venom” – Death Metal Mastery To Devour

KATAKLYSM – Released on August 24, 2010, on Nuclear Blast America, Heaven’s Venom marks the tenth studio album from Kataklysm, arguably the most brutally powerful Metal band ever exported from The Great White North. This new Kataklysm album is fully loaded with ten songs, which exceed the boundaries of what great Death Metal is supposed to accomplish… by mesmerizing your senses into a state of Extreme Death Metal delirium. It is a tried and true Death Metal band like Kataklysm that I cannot resist rooting for, their tireless effort to make their presence known as a Death Metal force, in the vast world of Metal, is an undisputed benchmark of their existence.

From the onset, Soulless God annihilates with it’s all encompassing and overpowering Death Metal fury. All ten songs for that matter, are an enormous listen into just how Kataklysm has evolved over the past two decades, with their obvious stamp of originality upon the genre of Death Metal, a genre which has become a behemoth in the annals of Metal Music. The melodic nature of Kataklysm’s sound is derived from guitar virtuoso Jean-Francois Dagenais, he can play the heavy while instilling an accessibility to this band from his diverse playing. Even casual Death Metal fans should easily adhere their ears to what Deganais plays here, with loyal fans knowing that he is one of the finest in all of Metal.

Without hesitation, Heaven’s Venom is one of the most engaging Death Metal albums I’ve ever listened to. Slivers of progressiveness will sparingly peer around Kataklysm’s corner, with the spoken word being utilized in the songs: A Soulless God and Hail The Renegade. Kataklysm has never been about fast food Death Metal, this band’s intricacies have always lied within their passion for creating songs that leap out at you with rage and then abruptly casting searing melodic turns without notice. Lyrically, Heaven’s Venom embarks on dark personal struggles and values, with revenge and triumph being touched upon in prolific style, which Maurizio Iacono conveys with undisputed domination. Maurizio is one of those vocalists… when Maurizio sings, Stone listens.

The themes of divide and conquer and good versus evil may seem cliche with their simplicity, only Kataklysm gives forth a larger story than that throughout Heaven’s Venom. The markedness of Heaven’s Venom is truly a carry over from the rest of Kataklysm’s catalog of albums, once again embarking on what I construe to be… thinking man’s Death Metal. Yes, contrary to any department of psychology misnomer, Death Metal can be smart, both lyrically and musically. Along with the forever legendary Death Metal pioneers the likes of Death, Kataklysm will unconditionally receive my Metal accolades for their artistic point style too.

My personal favorite song on Heaven’s Venom is As The Walls Collapse. I will survive all the demons you throw at me, I will deny all the weakness inside… these are lyrics that psyche-me-out beyond Metal belief. Combine intelligent and powerful lyrics with elevated Death Metal grooves and yes, this song is a masterful achievement that will not become obsolete for my ears. I could go as far by saying: As The Walls Collapse sounds superiorly delectable, when listened to ten times in a row, very loudly.

Without exception, is Heaven’s Venom relentless with the double bass and copious rhythmic blasts from Max Duhamel, holy mother of Metal does Max lock himself into a phrenetic groove on every song. Metal be thy name he is outstanding. The combination of Max Duhamel behind the kit and Stephane Barbe on bass makes for an earsplitting wall of Death Metal welcomeness. Heaven’s Venom is what I consider an undeniable right choice for any Death Metal, Metal or Extreme Metal fan alive today. An album such as Heaven’s Venom doesn’t just fall from the sky, this is as creatively heavy as it gets with Death Metal, while being fortified with the upmost intensity and Death Metal proficiency that I’ve come to expect from Kataklysm.

* For more info on KATAKLYSM, just click on the link below:

KATAKLYSM – MySpace Music Page


Maurizio  Iacono – vocals

J-F Dagenais – guitars

Stephane Barbe – bass

Max Duhamel – drums

Track Listing For Heaven’s Venom:

A Soulless God

Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)

Faith Made Of Shrapnel

Push The Venom

Hail The Renegade

As The Walls Collapse

Numb And Intoxicated

At The Edge Of The World

Suicide River

Blind Saviour



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