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KATAKLYSM “Heaven’s Venom” – Death Metal Mastery To Devour

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KATAKLYSM – Released on August 24, 2010, on Nuclear Blast America, Heaven’s Venom marks the tenth studio album from Kataklysm, arguably the most brutally powerful Metal band ever exported from The Great White North. This new Kataklysm album is fully loaded with ten songs, which exceed the boundaries of what great Death Metal is supposed to accomplish… by mesmerizing your senses into a state of Extreme Death Metal delirium. It is a tried and true Death Metal band like Kataklysm that I cannot resist rooting for, their tireless effort to make their presence known as a Death Metal force, in the vast world of Metal, is an undisputed benchmark of their existence.

From the onset, Soulless God annihilates with it’s all encompassing and overpowering Death Metal fury. All ten songs for that matter, are an enormous listen into just how Kataklysm has evolved over the past two decades, with their obvious stamp of originality upon the genre of Death Metal, a genre which has become a behemoth in the annals of Metal Music. The melodic nature of Kataklysm’s sound is derived from guitar virtuoso Jean-Francois Dagenais, he can play the heavy while instilling an accessibility to this band from his diverse playing. Even casual Death Metal fans should easily adhere their ears to what Deganais plays here, with loyal fans knowing that he is one of the finest in all of Metal.

Without hesitation, Heaven’s Venom is one of the most engaging Death Metal albums I’ve ever listened to. Slivers of progressiveness will sparingly peer around Kataklysm’s corner, with the spoken word being utilized in the songs: A Soulless God and Hail The Renegade. Kataklysm has never been about fast food Death Metal, this band’s intricacies have always lied within their passion for creating songs that leap out at you with rage and then abruptly casting searing melodic turns without notice. Lyrically, Heaven’s Venom embarks on dark personal struggles and values, with revenge and triumph being touched upon in prolific style, which Maurizio Iacono conveys with undisputed domination. Maurizio is one of those vocalists… when Maurizio sings, Stone listens.

The themes of divide and conquer and good versus evil may seem cliche with their simplicity, only Kataklysm gives forth a larger story than that throughout Heaven’s Venom. The markedness of Heaven’s Venom is truly a carry over from the rest of Kataklysm’s catalog of albums, once again embarking on what I construe to be… thinking man’s Death Metal. Yes, contrary to any department of psychology misnomer, Death Metal can be smart, both lyrically and musically. Along with the forever legendary Death Metal pioneers the likes of Death, Kataklysm will unconditionally receive my Metal accolades for their artistic point style too.

My personal favorite song on Heaven’s Venom is As The Walls Collapse. I will survive all the demons you throw at me, I will deny all the weakness inside… these are lyrics that psyche-me-out beyond Metal belief. Combine intelligent and powerful lyrics with elevated Death Metal grooves and yes, this song is a masterful achievement that will not become obsolete for my ears. I could go as far by saying: As The Walls Collapse sounds superiorly delectable, when listened to ten times in a row, very loudly.

Without exception, is Heaven’s Venom relentless with the double bass and copious rhythmic blasts from Max Duhamel, holy mother of Metal does Max lock himself into a phrenetic groove on every song. Metal be thy name he is outstanding. The combination of Max Duhamel behind the kit and Stephane Barbe on bass makes for an earsplitting wall of Death Metal welcomeness. Heaven’s Venom is what I consider an undeniable right choice for any Death Metal, Metal or Extreme Metal fan alive today. An album such as Heaven’s Venom doesn’t just fall from the sky, this is as creatively heavy as it gets with Death Metal, while being fortified with the upmost intensity and Death Metal proficiency that I’ve come to expect from Kataklysm.

* For more info on KATAKLYSM, just click on the link below:

KATAKLYSM – MySpace Music Page


Maurizio  Iacono – vocals

J-F Dagenais – guitars

Stephane Barbe – bass

Max Duhamel – drums

Track Listing For Heaven’s Venom:

A Soulless God

Determined (Vows Of Vengeance)

Faith Made Of Shrapnel

Push The Venom

Hail The Renegade

As The Walls Collapse

Numb And Intoxicated

At The Edge Of The World

Suicide River

Blind Saviour




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CANNIBAL CORPSE – The sixth studio album from Cannibal Corpse, Gallery Of Suicide, will be re-released on 180-gram vinyl on September 28, 2010, on Plastic Head. Originally released on April 21, 1998, on Metal Blade Records, Gallery Of Suicide was the second album to have George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals. This was also the first Cannibal Corpse album to have Pat O’Brien on guitar.

This album it outrageously brutal, from the song titles and lyrics to the Death Metal barrage heard within. ‘Nuff said about this album… alright, it’s wicked F’n Heavy. With every Metal re-release on vinyl, it certifies the fact that there are Metalheads out there that want to hear their bands the Old School way. Just like the Metal I live for, vinyl will never go away.

* As with most vinyl and 180-gram vinyl releases, Gallery Of Suicide is being touted as a “limited release”. I have seen it available for pre-order on

* For more info on CANNIBAL CORPSE, click on the link below:

CANNIBAL CORPSE – Official Website

CANNIBAL CORPSE, as they appeared on Gallery Of Suicide:

George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher – vocals

Jack Owen – guitar

Pat O’brien – guitar

Alex Webster – bass

Paul Mazurkiewicz – drums

Track Listing For Gallery Of Suicide:

I Will Kill You

Disposal Of The Body

Sentenced To Burn

Blood Drenched Execution

Gallery Of Suicide

Dismembered And Molested

From Skin To Liquid

Unite The Dead

Stabbed In The Throat

Chambers Of Blood


Every Bone Broken

Centuries Of Torment

Crushing The Despised



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WHITECHAPEL – Released their third full length album and second on Metal Blade RecordsA New Era Of Corruption, on June 8, 2010. Now… Whitechapel has launched their new and official website! This new & official Whitechapel website is Metal muscle bound with music videos, live videos, video interviews, tour dates, news, store and more! To access the media, blogs, contests and forum portions of Whitechapel’s website, you have to buy a membership.

Stone’s Note: This is a 1 year interactive membership you would buy. Regardless, there are 3 levels of paid membership you can choose to purchase, with each level having different Whitechapel merchandise included with the paid membership, (the higher your level of membership, the better and more merch that is offered… and the third level is loaded). Click on the link below to see for yourself!

WHITECHAPEL is bringing their brand of Death Metal Technicality and all out Extreme Metal fury to the thousands of fans attending the Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten! Find out more about Vans Warped Twenty Ten by clicking the all-knowing link below:

Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten


Phil Bozeman – vocals

Ben Savage – lead guitar

Alex Wade – guitar

Zach Householder – guitar

Gabe Crisp – bass

Kevin Lane – drums



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I really get into Death Metal and have my core favorite, Death Metal bands. Six Feet Under is one of my core Death Metal bands of mine. When I listen to Death Metal, it’s like I’m getting back to my Metal basics… there’s no fooling around with this genre, just extreme vocals and groove infested, thunder splitting – Metal. Chris Barnes, with his ultra legendary, Death Metal growling vocals, is at his finest on Graveyard Classics III. This album marks the third installment of the Graveyard Classics series of cover song albums from Six Feet Under. Six Feet Under not only groove along at an impressively addicting pace, this album is damn F’n fun too. Yes, it is fun to hear Chris Barnes belt out his original and extreme vocals to ten amazingly historical Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Black Metal and Punk Rock songs.

One of the many reasons to admire Six Feet Under and their Graveyard Classics series, is their allegiance and recognition to so many historical and great bands from Rock Music’s past. It’s all about roots with these cover songs… and Six Feet Under covers them with Death Metal brilliance. My two favorite cover songs on Graveyard Classics III are: Destroyer by Twisted Sister and Not Fragile by Bachman Turner Overdrive. Six Feet Under plays Destroyer like they are going to take over the world… and implement a Death Metal master plan. Not Fragile showcases the guitar mastery of Steve Swanson, he really steals the Death Metal show on this song.

As I listen to Chris Barnes sing these two songs, I cannot help but not recognize that he is a fan of these bands he covers so well. Influence is a powerful word and bands like Slayer literally explode with it for so many musicians… Six Feet Under attests to this by covering At Dawn They Sleep. Six Feet Under may never be able to capture the Thrash Metal fire and intensity that only Slayer can deliver with At Dawn They Sleep, still, hearing such a fantastic Death Metal version of this classic is a thrill for me. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity is such a monumental choice for Six Feet Under to undertake as well, Metallica being the iconic Thrash Metal Band they are only drives home the reverence Chris Barnes upholds for Metal history. Oh, yeah, Six Feet Under plays this Metallica classic quite deadly well too.

What would a 2010 Death Metal cover song album, from Six Feet Under, be without an Anvil song? Metal On Metal only solidifies the fact that Anvil is as important a band to the history of Metal as any. Chris Barnes may not ever take over the vocal helm for Anvil’s Lips, regardless, he employs his very own grunt and growl trademark to a fabulous cover version. Just when you think Graveyard Classics III has all the historic Metal firepower to cover, A Dangerous Meeting by the unreal legendary Mercyful Fate is on this album too. A tough song to sing no matter who you are… Chris Barnes takes this song on and laces it with Death Metal vocal glorification. Psychotherapy by the Ramones and Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck by Prong are the fun moments for me on this album… two songs that probably no one ever would consider Death Metal material years ago. On Fire by Van Halen and Pounding Metal by (the blue collar) Thrash Metal vets Exciter, round out the ten Death Metal cover songs on Graveyard Classics III.

To say that Terry Butler on bass and Greg Gall on drums are very good is a Death Metal understatement… they are both excellent… the proof is in the songs. Six Feet Under has established their Death Metal legacy years ago, they are now just compounding this legacy, with an album of deliriously deadly cover songs called Graveyard Classics III. This is one damn fine listen – in Death Groove.

* Graveyard Classics III was released on January 19, 2010, on Metal Blade Records.

* Album Cover Art By: Dusty Peterson – Unreal great stuff… now thats Metal. Death Metal.

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