WHITECHAPEL – Released their third full length album and second on Metal Blade RecordsA New Era Of Corruption, on June 8, 2010. Now… Whitechapel has launched their new and official website! This new & official Whitechapel website is Metal muscle bound with music videos, live videos, video interviews, tour dates, news, store and more! To access the media, blogs, contests and forum portions of Whitechapel’s website, you have to buy a membership.

Stone’s Note: This is a 1 year interactive membership you would buy. Regardless, there are 3 levels of paid membership you can choose to purchase, with each level having different Whitechapel merchandise included with the paid membership, (the higher your level of membership, the better and more merch that is offered… and the third level is loaded). Click on the link below to see for yourself!


WHITECHAPEL is bringing their brand of Death Metal Technicality and all out Extreme Metal fury to the thousands of fans attending the Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten! Find out more about Vans Warped Twenty Ten by clicking the all-knowing link below:

Vans Warped Tour Twenty Ten


Phil Bozeman – vocals

Ben Savage – lead guitar

Alex Wade – guitar

Zach Householder – guitar

Gabe Crisp – bass

Kevin Lane – drums



  1. Now that is cheesy!! A marginal band at best Charging fans for access to their website!! Who do they think they are KISS!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I guess you can look at it two ways:

      1. It stinks to have to pay to navigate on ANY bands website. Especially with today’s economic times. Plus, loyal fans of White Chapel will by their merch anyways, regardless of charging a membership fee.


      2. Having a band today is a business, no matter how you slice it or dice it. Making $$$ is the name of the game in order to survive… in any career.

      I tend to lean towards… hey, “we” consumers “subscribe” to magazines, cable television and pay-per-view. I myself, will most likely forgo “buying” a membership to the White Chapel website. Why? I’ll watch the videos this band puts out and read their interviews just about anywhere else on this huge internet that we… “pay” to have! Plus, I already purchased their new CD – “A New Era Of Corruption” and have given this band “2” FREE “plugs” on Metal Odyssey to boot!

      BTW… White Chapel does kick some serious Metal butt. This new album has nearly blown what hair I have left on my head right off.


  2. I believe that anyone has the right to earn a buck legally any which way possible. In my opinion charging for a membership will discourage many marginal fans from becoming loyal die-hard fans!! To me it’s nickle and diming. They’re only musicians!!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Compared to what Hollywood actors command in salary per movie and the “bonuses” that our “elected” politicians give to themselves EVERY YEAR… I’ll side with the musicians any day.

      Upon my first reading into the White Chapel website – membership… I was questioning the whole idea myself. After taking a few Metal steps back, I realize that Metal is business too. Just look at how much it costs to buy damn popcorn and soda at the movie theater these days! And these same movie theaters don’t have recycle bins either!!!


      Plus… it’s not like “you have to” purchase this White Chapel website membership… it is only an option. Besides, we pay for “sillier” things in life… like extra absorbent toilet paper.


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