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DESTRUCTION – Covers A DIO Classic ‘Stand Up And Shout’ With Legendary, Unyielding Thrash Intensity!

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DESTRUCTION – The German Thrash Metal band Destruction released their eleventh studio album on March 8th, 2011, via Nuclear Blast America. On this immensely Thrash fortified album is the cover song of the DIO classic: Stand Up And Shout. Covering a legendary classic such as this song takes Metal balls… and Destruction are legends that can deliver the Thrashin’ goods. Destruction accomplished quite the Metal feat with their cover of Stand Up And Shout, creating an all-out Thrashtastic tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio, in my Metal opinion.

With their very own legendary Thrash style on Stand Up And Shout, Destruction tears it up and kicks some legitimate Metal ass. A Metal song that will be the battle cry of Metalheads for ions to come, Stand Up And Shout!!


Schmier – bass & vocals

Mike – guitars

Vaaver – drums

* Stand Up And Shout is a bonus track on Day Of Reckoning.

* For more info on DESTRUCTION, click on the link below:

DESTRUCTION – Official Website



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