DEATH ANGEL – In support of their new and incredible sixth studio album, Relentless Retribution, DEATH ANGEL will be touring the United States with one stop in Canada, beginning on January 30, 2011. Beginning in Raleigh, North Carolina and commencing on February 26, 2011, in the city that these Bay Area Thrash Metal Legends know very well… San Francisco California! EARLY MAN, LAZARUS A.D., BONDED BY BLOOD and HeXeN will be on tour with DEATH ANGEL as well! This looks to be a kick-ass tour of Old School joining forces with New School Thrash Metal!

* DEATH ANGEL – Relentless Retribution was released on September 14, 2010, on Nuclear Blast USA.


January 30 @ Volume 11, Raleigh, NC

January 31 @ The Casbah, NC

February 1 @ Jaxx, W. Springfield, VA

February 2 @ Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale, NY

February 3 @ Rocko’s, Manchester, NH

February 4 @ Club Hell, Providence, RI

February 5 @ Montage Music Hall, Rochester, NY

February 6 @ Mod Club, Toronto, ON, Canada

February 7 @ Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH

February 8 @ Blondie’s, Detroit, MI

February 9 @ Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL

February 10 @ Phoenix Hill Tavern, Louisville, KY

February 11 @ Riot Room, Kansas City, MO

February 12 @ Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK

February 13 @ Numbers, Houston, TX

February 14 @ Emo’s, Austin, TX

February 15 @ White Rabbit, San Antonio, TX

February 16 @ Rail Club, Ft. Worth, TX

February 18 @ Club DV8, Tucson, AZ

February 19 @ Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ

February 20 @ Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

February 21 @ Cheyenne Saloon, Las Vegas, NV

February 22 @ The Key Club, Hollywood, CA

February 23 @ Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA

February 24 @ The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA

February 25 @ Lost On Main, Chico, CA

February 26 @ Slim’s, San Francisco, CA

(Source: DEATH ANGEL – Official Website)

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DEATH ANGEL – Official Website

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EARLY MAN will be touring to support their new studio album, DEATH POTION, released on July 20, 2010, on The End Records.

BONDED BY BLOOD will be touring to support their new studio album, EXILED TO EARTH, released on August 10, 2010, on Earache Records.

LAZARUS A.D. will be touring to support their 2009 studio album, THE ONSLAUGHT, released on March 3, 2009, on Metal Blade Records.

LAZARUS A.D. will also be supporting their sophomore release – Black River Flows, which is slated for a February 1st, 2011 release on Metal Blade Records!

HeXeN will be touring to support their 2008 studio album, STATE OF INSURGENCY, released on August 5, 2008, on OSM Records.





  1. Death Angel was the first concert that I saw in Japan. In 1990 or ’91 on their “Act III” tour.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      That’s really cool. I’m betting that you had a great time seeing them live? Death Angel has made a triumphant return, In my Metal opinion. Since 2004’s “The Art Of Dying” and “Killing Season” from 2008, Death Angel has staked their claim once again as being an important member of the “Old School” Thrash pack. Now, with “Relentless Retribution”, whoa… Death Angel has soared on this new album!

      The nucleus of Death Angel is intact… and their Thrash has never sounded better! “Act III” was quite the “diverse” album for them back then… “A Room With A View” is really a great song, only it was a detour for Death Angel. I once wrote it has some Duran Duran vibe happening within “A Room With A View”. Funny thing is… I never meant it as an insult either.

      I just really dig Death Angel!! 🙂

  2. It sounds like I am missing out, I only have Death Angel’s Frolic in The Park and The Ultra Violence and I have never heard or owned any of their albums they released after these two, it seems I will have to change this soon.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s hard to own everything too… I’m always playing “catch up” it seems with a ton of bands. Another Death Angel album that is fabulous is: “Sonic German Beatdown – Live In Germany”… it was released last year and it COOKS with everything great about Death Angel. The entire “live” production is superb.

      I never owned “Fall From Grace” from 1990. It’s a “live” Death Angel album… apparently Death Angel had no “official” input into this album being put together either. This info is stated just about anywhere you read about this album. Eventually though, after all these years, I will land it, just to have a “complete” Death Angel collection. 😉

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