SANGUINE – Debut / ST: Alternative Metal That Leaps Over Cutting Edge

SANGUINE – When I first heard the opening track For Love (not too long ago) I immediately realized that Sanguine is a band that will, without question, make some serious F’n noize within the Metal and Alternative Metal world. Tarin Kerrey can scream her lungs out and her vocals are power-packed with emotion that comes across as 100% sincere. For Love is an amazing track of Metal to open up this debut from Sanguine, both for its riveting vibes and heightened heaviness.

Sanguine originates from the UK and they’re Metal comes with a fresh dose of sound that is unique and not part of any “same-old” crowd. One amazing song on this debut is Bangkok Nights. Try to imagine New Wave going full-throttle on the Metal pedal. Add a sliver of Funky guitar, screaming vocals, some Rap, thunderous Metal rhythm and Bangkok Nights is as diverse a Metal song I’ve ever had scorch my eardrums.

In The Sky is melodic and flows along like a top twenty hit single. More Hard Rock than Metal, In The Sky maintains  an edgy feel and vibe that is constant and contagious. Given Up is fortified with Alternative Metal muscle, speed, grooves, soaring vocals and a slice of growl. A song that is ultra energy fortified for certain. No two songs sound alike on this debut from Sanguine, a quality that I find alluring.

Live Consume Drive has so many delectable varieties of heaviness happening that it’s flat-out sensational. With a Punk snarl for its backbone, this song is driven by its aggressive speed and attitude. A potent moshing candidate of a song, one that’s guaranteed to turn fans at a live Sanguine show into a slammin’ frenzy. Contagious and Contagious Remix (Tim Baker Version) are examples of what happens, when a band wants to make Alternative Metal that will make you stomp about wether you are willing to or not.

The more I’ve listened to Sanguine, the more I want to get up off my ass and slam my body around the house, while my out of control movements destroy’s every material good I own into remnants of what once was. Sanguine is a band that isn’t looking for a party, they are the F’n party. Sanguine has created Metal, Alternative Metal, that accelerates at a non-stop level of psyche-you-out fever. This is Alternative Metal that has been turned up a dozen notches and very well may be ahead of its time. Hell yes.

Sanguine has proven to me, they’re a band that can’t be given a proper do with words alone. Sanguine has a debut album that needs to be digested by your senses to fully understand just how talented and commanding they sound. Sanguine will Rock your face off. I’ve warned you. If I could pick that one band I need to see live, it’s Sanguine. I can only imagine their songs coming to life in a small club/venue where all I can do is experience this band’s Alternative Metal and heightened energy. Metal be thy name.

Take a look and listen below to Given Up and (hopefully) you’ll see what I’m trying to blab about!


Tarin Kerrey – Vocals

Nick Magee – Guitar/Vocals

Tom Sherwood – Bass

Matt Feld – Drums

SANGUINE – Current Rockin’ News of Note:

Singer Tarin Kerrey has performed guest vocals on 4 songs of the Primal Rock Rebellion album ‘Awoken Broken’ by Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden.

The band is currently writing album two with Jesper Stromblad from In Flames.


Track Listing:

For Love

Anger Song


Don’t Change

Bangkok Nights

In the Sky

Given Up

A place that you call home

Live Consume Drive



Contagious REMIX


Listen to SANGUINE on Soundcloud:

For more info on SANGUINE, click on the links below:



3 Responses to “SANGUINE – Debut / ST: Alternative Metal That Leaps Over Cutting Edge”

  1. I can’t believe they were only given a 4% approval rating at Bloodstock last year. They are brilliant

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Whoa! Just a 4% approval rating at Bloodstock last year? I agree with you… Sanguine is brilliant. Maybe it’s due to the “diversity” of their sound? Sanguine really sounds refreshing to my ears… they aren’t following any crowd, that’s for sure! \m/\m/

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