UFOMAMMUT ‘Oro: Opus Primum’ – A Multi-Sound, Metal Mind Quest

UFOMAMMUT – Oro is the title for UFOMAMMUT’s latest work and encompasses ten (tracks) movements overall. To be released separately as two albums, the first is Oro: Opus Primum, which will be released April 17th, 2012, via Neurot Recordings. The second chapter of OroOpus Alter, will be released in September of 2012. This album’s press release states Both Oro chapters are to be interpreted as a “single track” (to make a long story short) due to the way in which the music was written and flows.

For anyone unfamiliar with UFOMAMMUT, this band can get quite deep with their album concepts. I will use this album’s press release quote to sum up what Oro is conveying conceptually. Believe me, I would never be aware of this album’s concept from just listening to the music itself. Who could? Here it is:

“As with all previous UFOMAMMUT albums, the concepts behind Oro are expansive and multi-faceted, mutating the Italian palindrome which translates to “gold” with the Latin translation of “I prey.” Oro explores the concept of knowledge and its power; the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the World surrounding us. Oro is the alchemical process to transform the human fears into pure essence; into Gold”.

Here is my honest interpretation of Oro: Opus Primum, based on the music, Metal and sounds I’ve taken in. Please note, all five (songs) movements are instrumentals:


EMPIREUM opens Oro: Opus Primum and swirls its ambient vibrations of spacey progressiveness throughout my thoughts. It’s Pink Floyd meets a psychotic thriller soundtrack. While building up its thick temp, the Doom atmosphere picks up mid-way through EMPIREUM, without losing grip on its creepy sound scape. I can get really, really lost in this opening track and love every second of it. At nearly 14 minutes long, EMPIREUM ends with a subdued atmosphere of sound, bringing about a melancholy affect upon me which I easily embrace.


AUREUM – Opens with a more crunchy guitar sound and the Metal has arrived. The drum beats and bass lines are heavier and very distinct. With a copious backdrop of synthetic sounds, AUREUM flows along like strong river rapids, only these rapids are controlled with musical precision. The overall Metal wall of sound is worthy to bang your head to while throwing down some cold brews in the process. At 12:28 long, could this be Psychedelic Metal at it’s finest? It surely can be interpreted that way by me.


INFEARNATURAL – Begins with an epic-like feel with its off in the distance chorus. There is plenty of Metal stomp, with chunky Doom laden guitar that never ceases throughout. Synth layers are aplenty, with more unique sounds than my ears can grasp, even after multiple listen-throughs. There are remote-like spoken words that are both audible and inaudible. Overall, this is a multi-layered movement that I found captivating and its strong Metal personality wins the day. At 7:26 this is the shortest movement on this album.


MAGICKON – This is by far the “foreboding entry” amongst these five movements I’ve listened to on Oro: Opus Primum. I just get that overall dark and cavernous vibe from MAGICKON. Doom, Doom, Doom and Doom again. MAGICKON just throws that Doom hammer down and covers me over in its heavy Doom blanket of sound. MAGICKON plays out at 7:57 long.


MINDOMINE – The tempo and repetitions of MINDOMINE could be considered by some as Drone Metal. With Doom riffs and distant screams ever the continuum, this movement can produce some chills. It’s a fine-line trying to consider some of these distant screams as being nearly “tribal-like” chants. An eerie ending to this first chapter of Oro is MINDOMINE. Picture yourself floating in outer-space (thanks to the synths) while the skull melting sounds of Drone and Doom Metal encircle your senses. Clocking in at 9:18, that’s MINDOMINE.


Musically complex, while consistently maintaining a Metal feel and vibe throughout its totality of sound, Oro: Opus Primum has allowed me to open my own mind to its world of unique sounds. Richly textured and layered, there is no doubt, that with each synth sound, drum beat or note, it all opens the doors to a vast wealth of other audible vibrations. Weaving itself through the Doom, Drone, Progressive, Psychedelic and Ambient Metal genres, Oro: Opus Primum is both a listening experience and Metal mind quest.


Poia – guitars and effect

Urlo – bass, vocals and synths

Vita – drums

Ciccio – soundlord

Lu – visuals


For more info on UFOMAMMUT, click on the links below:






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