ANUBIS UNBOUND – “Heartless” From “Treachery” Album Is METAL You MUST Hear!

ANUBIS UNBOUND – Here is an unsigned Metal Band that SHOULD be signed to any Metal Record label that knows anything about… Metal. ANUBIS UNBOUND plays their Metal to the Extreme and will shake your Metal senses loose. Do yourself a Metal favor and click on that cool music video box below! WARNING: You will experience some real Metal that will serve you right!

* The song you will hear below, Heartless, is from the self-released (2010) sophomore album from ANUBIS UNBOUND which is titled: TREACHERY.

* ANUBIS UNBOUND are from the “Charm City”… Baltimore Maryland.

* ANUBIS UNBOUND have recently toured with: Soilwork, Mutiny Within and Threat Signal.

* ANUBIS UNBOUND is “looking for a full-time drummer who is dedicated, open-minded and ready for tour”.

* For more info on ANUBIS UNBOUND, click here: ANUBIS UNBOUND – myspace music

* You can purchase the following ANUBIS UNBOUND titles on iTunes: Treachery (2010 studio full-length), Through Cursed Eyes (2008 studio full-length) and Doors of Redemption (2009 EP)


Brian “Ziggy” Smith – Guitar

Ryan Plunkett – Bass

Jarred Sleeth – Guitar




2 Responses to “ANUBIS UNBOUND – “Heartless” From “Treachery” Album Is METAL You MUST Hear!”

  1. 80smetalman Says:

    I like it, maybe they can play Bloodstock this year.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      This is one excellent & Extreme Metal Band. Metal as my witness, they should have a record deal. I’m gonna get an album review up of “Treachery” soon… that album smokes! Whoa it does.

      YOU LUCKY if you go to Bloodstock! 🙂

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