DIO ‘HOLY DIVER’ – 24 KT GOLD CD (Limited & Numbered) Releases February 14th, 2012

DIO Holy Diver 24 KT GOLD CD – Releasing on Valentines Day, February 14th, 2012, is a limited & numbered 24 KT Gold CD of the iconic Heavy Metal album: DIO Holy Diver. This terrific DIO collectible CD will be released via Audio Fidelity. Amazon.com is taking pre-orders at $19.87 (U.S.).

Holy Diver was originally released back in 1983 on Warner Bros. Records. I uphold Holy Diver as being one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums I’ve ever listened to. The first time I listened to this album I was a junior in High School. The awe-struck feeling that came over me as this album played for my ears, that very first time, I shall never forget.

DIO Holy Diver – Band Lineup:

Ronnie James Dio – vocals, keyboards

Vivian Campbell – guitar

Jimmy Bain – bass & keyboards

Vinny Appice – drums

* For more info on Audio Fidelity, click on the link below:

Audio Fidelity

Rest In Peace, Ronnie James Dio.


5 Responses to “DIO ‘HOLY DIVER’ – 24 KT GOLD CD (Limited & Numbered) Releases February 14th, 2012”

  1. This has always been one of my favourite albums of all time and I don’t mean to throw a dampener on things, but there has been much speculation that Wendy Dio is trying to cash in on Ronnie. Some will say that this is such an attempt.

    It is still a great album and to have it in gold is too good to pass up.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Well, I suppose it’s better that Wendy Dio is calling the shots and not some plastic/greedy attorney firm handling the estate and reaping 100% of the profits. Plus… there “has” to be money funneling into the “Stand Up And Shout” cancer fund too, that’s a real big deal. 🙂

      I guess we all have to look at the Elvis estate… that is a cash cow! LOL…

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