NOCTURNA “Lucidity” – A Debut EP Of Symphonic / Prog Metal That Gleams

Nocturna - Lucidity - Promo EP Cover - #2015NCM

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal fists - 4.5 - album reviews metal odyssey

Releasing on February 17th is the self-released and debut EP, Lucidity, from the UK’s Symphonic Metal Band: Nocturna. I have enjoyed this six song EP very much, to the point where I feel relieved to get this Nocturna review up on this blog for others to read about. Firstly, sonic quality is ever-present throughout this EP. Secondly, lead vocalist and guitarist James Davis reminds me of Rush legend Geddy Lee, with his harmonious, clean and pronounced vocals.

To say this band will go far is not a stretch by any means. Nocturna are a Metal treat to listen to, with their musicianship, songwriting and catchy melodies, all wrapped up into a delicious aural celebration of Symphonic Metal. With just the right touch of progressiveness in their music, Nocturna have a talent for the surprise with their songs. The epic closer on this EP, Cast Assured, showcases the diverse vocal and musical styles that Nocturna is all about.

Nocturna - promo band photo - 2014 - #122114

Tom Frost on guitar is bona fide impressive, with his abundant ability to shred. I love the atmosphere that Josh Vigus gives to the songs with his synthesizer, creating an air of emotions that swirl about so very pleasingly, even while a blazing guitar solo is being executed. Ryan Palmer on bass and Phil Barber on drums are an exciting listen alone, these cats master their craft. Fans of European Power Metal should have no problem digging what Nocturna is all about either. Yes, I highly recommend Nocturna and their debut EP Lucidity; I cannot be more honest than that. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Lucidity – Track List: Introduction, Lucidity, Revelations, Interlude, Gaining Solace, Cast Assured



* For more info on NOCTURNA:

Facebook: Nocturna






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