SHIELD OF WINGS – Storm Forward With Third Single And Video, “Crushing Hail”

SHIELD OF WINGS press forward to their imminent album release with third single and video, “Crushing Hail”. Presented here, in the form of a powerful lyric video and full band playthrough, this single comes from their debut full-length album. “Unfinished” is set to be released on February 11.

Guitarist James Gregor said of the track:
“High energy and full of life, ‘Crushing Hail’ is the first track of our upcoming album. It sets the stage for the dynamic and emotional journey housed within the rest of Unfinished. So, bang your heads with us as we go forward, unheeding, through the wind and hail!”

SHIELD OF WINGS will begin the year of 2022 with their Epic Symphonic Metal resurrection, and their debut full-length album, Unfinished.

Each song from Unfinished explores themes of growth through self-examination, regret, sacrificial death and rebirth. From the “Crushing Hail” of the suffering which is inherent in life, the listener is carried through this journey, until the final track expounds upon the realization that we are all, in ways, “The Scarred Clay Reshaping.” With bold, vast orchestral compositions soaring over chugging guitars, SHIELD OF WINGS makes it abundantly clear that they are Unfinished, in more ways than one.

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Lara Mordian – Vocals
Aliyah Daye – Support & Harsh Vocals, Keys
James Gregor – Guitar & Orchestrations
Patrick Eulitz – Drums
Alex Luke – Bass Guitar

Source: C Squared Music

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