An Open Letter To Dee Snider – August 23rd, 2012

Hello Dee, it’s Stone. I’ve read today that you requested Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, to stop using the (your) Twisted Sister song “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. I also understand you (obviously) don’t support Paul Ryan or the Republican party.

However, please understand Dee, that our beloved Heavy Metal community is unlike the mainstream Rock and Pop communities. I speak for all Metalheads when I say we are: unified. We have and always will be unified regardless of race, sex, (I would hope religion) or political party affiliation. Anyone who disagrees is not a true “Defender Of The Faith”.

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with an honest and open discussion of politics, after all, you fought for our civil rights when it comes to freedom of speech, when you stood up to the PMRC. Political commentary, sex and drugs in lyrics are here to stay due to your heroics on Capitol Hill. However, no political group or Hollywood clique has ever supported you as loyally as your fans have; please don’t turn your back on a large group of us now.

Political nonsense shall never steer me away from a band or musician. It’s always been about the music for me. I’ve never let politics cloud my judgement with an album review or interview. Please remember there are conservative fans that have looked upon Twisted Sister’s songs for inspiration, going on four decades strong. I can guarantee that there are many conservative politicians who grew up as Twisted Sister fans. “I Am, (I’m Me)”.

Dee, you have been a leader and legendary contributor to the history of Heavy Metal. Please don’t forget your fans that may support Paul Ryan and the Republican Party; for these same fans have loyally supported you since day one.

Please Dee, don’t get caught up with “those other guys” that have made political statements as a part of their overall claim to fame. Here at Metal Odyssey, bands are supported regardless of what political party they are loyal to. “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”. Please Dee, don’t get onboard with the political Hollywood celebrity mainstream. You’re too good for that. Metal be thy name.




6 Responses to “An Open Letter To Dee Snider – August 23rd, 2012”

  1. What a great piece. Never in my wildest dreams would I have figured that Dee Snider would get all bent out of shape because a candidate used a TS song to inspire and charge up an audiance. I thought that was always the intention of Twisted Sister. I guess When you do “Broadway” you lose your principals and your musical integrity.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thanks for the thoughts Zipper. It’s almost as if select recording artists are now telling us, (the fans who buy their music and concert tickets), what “type of audience” they want following them. Scary stuff.

  2. 37ftmonster Says:

    Where is the Dee Snider I grew up with and admired? I read the comments Dee made to CNN regarding Paul Ryan using his Anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and I quote Dee “There is almost nothing he stands for that I agree with” Well Dee maybe you should go watch yourself on YouTube during the PMRC hearings. You emphatically stood up against a powerful overreaching Federal Governmentand You also stated in those hearings that you were a Christian and held Christian beliefs.

    I can assure you that Mr. Ryan shares your beliefs and the thought the Federal Government has become too involved in the lives of the citizens of this great country. So Dee what happened? Do you still believe in your statements from 1985 or have you checked out and become another Hollywood Elite? On a closing note Dee what do you stand for?

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Well articulated 37ftmonster. Apparently, what Dee stands for is that conservatives are not supposed to listen to Twisted Sister songs.

      That saddens me. ALL fans of ALL walks of life that enjoy ALL genres of Rock ‘N’ Roll are invited to Metal Odyssey, 24/7. I NEVER choose my Metal Buddies based on political affiliation, race, sex, sexual preference, level of wealth or musical taste. I’m not God.

      I’m gonna listen to some legendary Ted Nugent today AND Bon Jovi. Metal be thy name. \m/\m/

  3. I will say one thing in Dee’s defense, he’s probably worried that by letting them use the song, he will be associated with political beliefs he doesn’t hold himself. Saying that, Dee, you need to give us fans more credit. Many of us metal fans are very capable of separating our love for music from politics. I love the music of Ted Nugent although I don’t agree with his politics and his views won’t stop me listening to him. Same if the Republicans using your song won’t stop me from listening to Twisted Sister. No not never!
    If anyone goes to a metal concert or festival, the one thing I’ve never heard discussed is politics.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      You are so right on the Metal money with politics never being discussed at a Metal concert. No one cares about slimy politicians when they’re in the pit or in the rafters! I don’t give a damn if I’m surrounded by a bunch of liberal or conservative headbangers!! Metal be thy name! Rock on 80’s Metalman \m/\m/

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