Vinyl and turntables forever, Ha, Ha.

metalodyssey2Boy, would I just love to have a sit down conversation with the scholar or scholars who back in the late 1980’s, decided that vinyl records along with turntables, were no longer considered a technological advancement. What did the album ever do to anyone? How about the turntable? Sure, once the CD technology was introduced, (I will not lie), I was the first dude on my side of town to own a CD player and the very 2 CD’s that were currently being sold at the time. I just loved the selection of CD’s that were out there for the first decade, wow. It took about 10 seconds to peruse the 12 titles that were currently being sold. Well, like anyone else, I did sell/and or ditch quite a few albums due to the fact I could not upgrade my turntable for 15 years or so. However, I was smart enough to keep enough of the vintage Heavy Metal vinyl, plus I have obtained most of the vinyl that I parted ways with years ago.

Oh, what a sweet Metal feeling it is to now walk into Hot Topic and see real deal vinyl being sold, Metal vinyl too. Turntables are being sold just about everywhere, hmmmmm, where is that person or people now that basically put the death nail into the heart of vinyl records in the ’80’s? The return of vinyl is not just a fad or gimmick, it is real. Anyone who truly listens to music knows the vinyl quality of sound is far superior to digital any day of the week. I remember when DAT tapes were supposed to be the next big thing. I have accumulated over the years, many, many, many CD’s and for good reason. Vinyl was no longer available! I have become quite attached to my CD collection thank you, so once a brand new technology scholar comes up with the plan to abolish the CD, I have my stock and will not make the same mistake twice. Well, I am not going to say welcome back vinyl, for it never went away for this tried and true Heavy Metal fan of vintage albums. I will say ha, ha , to the hi-tech genius(s) who probably now cringe at the sight of brand new vinyl for sale. Oh, what am I thinking, those dudes would never venture into a Hot Topic anyway.

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