Rush is my all weather band to lean on while cruising.

4923783It is raining where I live this morning. The rain is coming down with quite the bad attitude too. This is the kind of rain where, you know, you dread just having to get your garbage container from the roadside; you know the drenching that is about to occur to your body and it is not requested either. Without complaining any further about inclement weather that no human or expert meteorologist can do to rectify it, here is a band that gets me through driving in the lousiest of lousy weather conditions – Rush. I thought about it this morning as I drove the family cab, yes, Rush just seems to straighten my focus and makes me feel like – who cares what the weather is like. It then hit me, Rush is always my first band of choice that I grab when I have to drive in snow, icy hell and tropical/evil thunderstorms. Not to worry, I always have Rush – “Snakes and Arrows” handy for sunny days, do not ask me why, for I correlate sunny, warm and beautiful days to this fine album. (?)

What is really happening here? Why is it that, since the 1980’s, I attribute certain Rush albums to respective weather conditions? “Moving Pictures”, why that is an easy one for me, I make sure this is with me at all costs if I have to drive in Winter snow. (?) I have the Rush “Spirtit of Radio – Greatest Hits” in the family cab like it is a roadside necessity! First aid kit, check, bottle of water, check, maps, check, spare tire, check, emergency flares, check, enough gas in the tank, check, Rush “Greatest Hits” – check! I am very known for, actually this happens on any road trip with my wife and family, even if the trip is 5 minutes to pick up coffee, I will bellow: “Are my Rush CD’s in the car”?

To sum up this non-essential article that is trying to understand my psychological connecting of Rush to weather conditions, I will say this much, Hard Rock, Punk and Metal music obviously mean a great deal to me, especially Rush. This is way beyond my understanding of how the human brain attributes a particular form of music as a basic need, a necessity in order to carry out a task. All I know is, I am not hurting anyone with an addiction to Rush and their pristine Progressive Metal, while I’m driving in various weather conditions. This will not put me on any intervention reality television show any time soon.8310268

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