5 Heavy Metal events that could never possibly take place

metalodyssey4Here I go again, making up hysterical situations that could never, ever happen. Oh, by the way, these situations are all Heavy Metal related. So, sit back, turn up some Iron Maiden, read along and enjoy.

1.    “Larry King Live” will have as special guests, Job For A Cowboy. Larry King will ask Jon Rice if he is a “big fan of John Wayne movies or what young fella”? “Tell the folks at home, are you”?

2.    Al Gore will write a biography titled: “An American Hero – Dee Snider

3.    NBC’s “The Today Show” will dedicate one full week to Black Metal for their famous – “Summer Concert Series”. 

4.    MSNBC will ask Blackie Lawless to join their political analyst team.

5.    Al Roker from NBC’s incredibly informative? “The Today Show”, will be introducing Slipknot onstage for the remainder of their “All Hope Is Gone Tour”

4 Responses to “5 Heavy Metal events that could never possibly take place”

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  2. Yap but I guess for now slipknot is the jewel of Heavy Metal. Am I right???
    I am a great fan of Slipknot

    Please visit mine and post a reply or comment

  3. metalodyssey Says:

    You are very right, check in to see my opinion on the “greatest Metal album of all-time” – I will be posting sometime soon. Thanks for visiting.

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