Bob Welch – “French Kiss” 1977 Classic Rock album revisited

main-150On November 18, 1977, Bob Welch “French Kiss” was released. I was eleven years old then and my beloved New York Yankees were the World Champions of Major League Baseball, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers. At age eleven, the only Heavy Metal band I was listening to was Kiss. Back in 1977, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and Extreme Metal were non-existent. I did not know what I was missing, at this young age I listened to whatever was on the AM radio dial. Quite honestly, I was not exposed to any FM radio stations back in 1977… it all sounds so unreal now, whew. Catching American Bandstand and the legendary Dick Clark on Saturday afternoons was another outlet for this eleven year old, to be exposed to the current Rock Music of 1977. At age eleven, heck, I did not have the exposure to Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin just yet… or any vintage Heavy Metal bands of the early to mid 1970’s. Step in… Bob Welch.

The reason why I reflect on Classic Rock Bands and musicians that are light years removed from Metal Music, is the simple fact that this was the Rock that I was exposed to and listened to at such a young age. In essence, Bob Welch and his style of Rock Music was the beginning or starting point of mainstream Rock for me, just as Kiss was. Why should I ignore or deny this fact?  There is no reason to… that is why I am reflecting on Bob Welch and his “French Kiss” album, right here, on Metal Odyssey. I always have cherished my roots in life, the Rock Music that I grew up on, listening to, is part of these roots.

“French Kiss” is an album that went platinum for Bob Welch, with the two big hits being “Ebony Eyes” and “Sentimental Lady”.  Sure, listening to this album today brings back memories of being a kid, yet what is wrong with that? “Ebony Eyes” is a revved up, solid chunk of Classic Rock as you could possibly find… “Sentimental Lady” is that Sunday drive type of Easy Listening Rock, (at least that is how my wife describes it and I have to agree with her). “Sentimental Lady” is still a cool, mellow Rock song, nonetheless. This song was originally recorded with Fleetwood Mac, when Bob Welch was a member of this iconic Rock band. The overall musical flow and feel to “French Kiss” is unmistakably 1970’s Rock, bringing back visions of “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island”on Saturday Night’s ABC Television. I find it interesting to get a little retrospective with my Rock Music every so often, mixing it up nixes the monotony.

My late sister introduced me to the 45 rpm of “Ebony Eyes” back in 1977, due to that lasting memory and Bob Welch being a cool vocalist and musician, I bought “French Kiss” a couple of years ago on CD. Bob Welch has a voice that is unique, with a coolness about it that just exemplifies Classic Rock from the ’70’s era. No Metal Music on this CD… “French Kiss” is not Disco… just some really good Classic Rock that I find to be a quality listen… ever since 1977.


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