BROKEN CITIES – Post Rock Single “Ravi” Is Worth A Listen

BROKEN CITIES – A Post Rock duo named Broken Cities from Oakland, California are releasing one single at a time… from their digital album – Flux. Ravi is the first instrumental single to be heard and released from Flux. Broken Cities “method of release is kind of like a pledge drive, there are 6 more tracks on Flux, in order to release them they need 6 goals in donations”, as so stated from their website. A Metal buddy of mine, Mike, sent me the info and link to Broken Cities and he is quite stoked about this musical duo.

After listening to Ravi multiple times, I can appreciate it. Broken Cities will eventually benefit from some better production as they continue onward in their musical quest, in the meantime Ravi is a fine instrumental to listen to. My appreciation for this song lies in the fact, that many bands I’ve followed over the years do incorporate diverse and progressive sounds within the structures of their songs. The Electric Light Orchestra, Dream Theater and The Mars Volta are such bands, to name a few. Atmospheric and yes… calming is Ravi. Sometimes I do take a two minute break from my Metal… it’s all about music at the end of my Metal day.

The single Ravi is available for purchase by “naming your price”, as it’s stated on Broken Cities website. As Broken Cities states on their home page: “We will be accepting donations and once the threshold is met for each track, we will release the next one. Our music is being released under a generous Creative Commons license. By doing this we want the whole album, (Flux), to be freely available after all tracks have been released. “We want our music to be heard. We are deeply passionate about music and feel that everyone should be able to enjoy it”. Check out this song for yourself, by clicking the link below:

* Another BROKEN CITIES link to check out:


Nick Zomkowski


* Album artwork for Flux by: Ty Ennis and May Juliette Barruel.

There is a ton of music out there to be heard every minute of the day. I like branching out and listening to the “unknowns” too. I wish Broken Cities all the very best in their selling their song Ravi and the other 6 songs they have in the wake.

Go Get ‘Em Broken Cities!


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