Alice Cooper “Love it to death” = Essential Rock History To Own!

ALICE COOPERLove it to death is the third studio album from Alice Cooper (the band), released back in January of 1971. Whoa… 1971! I’m not trying to make Alice Cooper himself or me feel old here, it’s just that this album was released 40 years ago… and it still Rocks like there’s no tomorrow! I’ve been listening to this CD for a few days now and for some reason or another, I can’t get enough of it.

Maybe the reason for my always liking Love it to death so tremendously, is due to it being a 100% Rock Classic? Could it be that all 9 songs are memorable… and the tenth song probably would have been filler? Whatever the Metal case may be, I revere this Alice Cooper album. My favorite song on Love it to death is… Black Juju… all 9:09 of it too. Black Juju just has that ultimate creepy vibe happening, the tribal like drumming of Neal Smith, the chilling vocals of Alice Cooper and the haunting organ just does it for me. This song’s dark and macabre style of psychedelia, wraps itself around me and tightens it’s eerie grip harder, each time I listen to it. Black Juju can easily be my favorite Alice Cooper song ever… if I was forced to choose one.

I’m Eighteen is an iconic song in and of itself, only it’s not the only great song on this album. This Alice Cooper album is a prime Metal example of just how the totality of quality songs can elevate an album into the Rock Historic Stratosphere. Really, to say Love it to death is an essential Alice Cooper album to own, is like saying water is essential for human survival. Even after I state this, I feel like telling myself… no shit Stone?

Alice Cooper as they appeared on Love it to death:

Alice Cooper – vocals

Glen Buxton – lead guitar

Michael Bruce – rhythm guitar, keyboards

Dennis Dunaway – bass

Neal Smith – drums

* Bob Ezrin played organ and piano on – Caught In A Dream, Long Way To Go, Hallowed Be My Name, Second Coming and Ballad of Dwight Fry.

Track Listing For Love it to death:

Caught In A Dream

I’m Eighteen

Long Way To Go

Black Juju

Is It My Body

Hallowed Be My Name

Second Coming

Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Sun Arise

* Love it to death was produced by Jack Richardson and Bob Ezrin.



15 Responses to “Alice Cooper “Love it to death” = Essential Rock History To Own!”

  1. Guess who I am going to be for halloween

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Um… Barney? 😉

      ALICE COOPER! That’s who!

      … Make Alice Cooper proud!

      • Yes, so today at school there was a costume contest (two days before Halloween) and I won scariest costume with it. I look almost identical to Alice Cooper which was really cool, I would look in the mirror and see Alice Cooper rather than me.

        • metalodyssey Says:

          Well done! This is all characteristic of your being a “true” Metalhead! Now… if you could only sing like Alice Cooper?… 😉

          • Oh and last year I was Peter Criss, the (former) drummer of KISS, I wish I could sing like Alice Cooper, but it isn’t too hard because he has a raspy voice (earlier work mainly) and has some cleaner vocals (later work mostly)

            • metalodyssey Says:

              I always sing (quite loudly too) many Alice Cooper songs… around my house or yard. I’m afraid to let my lungs loose within a public setting (grocery store, my daughters school) for fear of being taken the wrong way.

              My favorite Alice Cooper songs to sing are: “Hey Stoopid” and “Poison”. Yup, two of his “later” songs… these two just pump me up to sing ’em. 😉

            • I usualy sing along to Poison, Feed My frankenstein, and No More Mr. Nice Guy. You know there are actual shirts that have speakers for an ipod to plug into, I wish I had one of those to play No More Mr. Nice Guy all day long and other Cooper songs.

            • metalodyssey Says:

              Man… I really dig “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. That song is CLASSIC. I also like the Megadeth cover of it too. The Megadeth cover for that song was on the “slasher/horror” film soundtrack for – “Shocker”. (The movie came out in 1989). If you never saw this movie… you just have to seek it out!

            • Well then I will see if I can get it fromNetflix or redBox or even seek out my own copy. Luckily my library has a video section

  2. This album was quite a departure from his first 2…in a good way.

    Ballad of Dwight Frye is one of the coolest songs ever.

  3. Love this album and one of my favorite Alice albums, also the first Alice album that I bought on vinyl at a flea market for only $2.

    Classic from beginning to end.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      $2! Man, that is less dough than the price for a large coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts!! You made a Metal “find” at that flea market Manny. 🙂

  4. My favorite of his for sure.

  5. The build and the chorus on “The Ballad of Dwight Fry” has always been one of my favorite moments of Alice’s entire repertoire – especially in the second half of the song and beneath the guitar solo. Goopsebumps. Totally effing masterful.

    One of these days, I’ll post some photos of the year I went to New Orleans for Halloween dressed as Welcome to My Nightmare-era Alice….

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