KID ROCK “Born Free” – Double LP Vinyl Releases December 14, 2010!

KID ROCK – Get ready all of you vinyl lovers out there… the brand new Kid RockBorn Free is about to get released on double LP – vinyl! The vinyl release date is December 14, 2010. Born Free is Kid Rock’s eighth studio album, released on Atlantic Records. It’s the diversification of Rock ‘N’ Roll, that flows through Kid Rock’s soul, that makes him so damn appealing to me all these years. From Rap Metal to Southern Rock and almost everything else in-between, Kid Rock makes it real.

* Born Free was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin. Mixing was done by Greg Fidelman.

* I have seen this double LP of Born Free for sale on, it also comes with the entire CD of Born Free, from what the site states, it is referred to as a “bonus CD”.

* For more info on Kid Rock, just click on the cool link below:

KID ROCK – Official Website

Track Listing For Born Free:

Born Free

Slow My Roll

Care (Featuring Martina McBride & T.I.)

Purple Sky

When It Rains

God Bless Saturday

Collide (Featuring Sheryl Crow & Bob Seger on piano)

Flyin’ High (Featuring Zac Brown)

Times Like These

Rock On

Rock Bottom Blues

For The First Time (In A Long Time)



10 Responses to “KID ROCK “Born Free” – Double LP Vinyl Releases December 14, 2010!”

  1. Ooh Bob Seger on piano, I am not a big Kid Rock fan, I like All Summer Long though, what is his bets album or one I would like?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I would recommend “Devil Without A Cause” or “Rock N Roll Jesus”. “All Summer Long” is on “Rock N Roll Jesus”, so if you don’t own the mp3 of that song, it’s a Rockin’ start. My favorite Kid Rock song “Cowboy” is on “Devil Without A Cause”… you have to get ready for some rap mixed into what Kid Rock does on this album, (“Bawitdaba” for example), only it is done excellent, IMO.

  2. […] the article here: KID ROCK “Born Free” – Double LP Vinyl Releases December 14, 2010 … function change_color(input, id) { var obj = document.getElementById(id); if (obj) { […]

  3. One thing I admire about your site is your diversity in your music taste, and while I think it is cool you are a Kid Rock fan I personally hate his music, but I cannot deny his success which he has managed to hold on to for ten plus years which is really an accomplishment in this throw away world we all now live in.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s understandable that everyone has unique tastes in music/artists they listen to. One other cool thing about Kid Rock, is that he is the only performer that those ridiculous television “awards shows” ever have on, who “closest” represents or has “ties” to our Hard Rockin’ world.

  4. Uh…I’ll pass on this one.

  5. Just bought the CD today. Am listening to it right now and I already know this will be on my list of top 5 CD’s of the year! Love Kid Rock’s vocals! They remind me of high school and hanging out with my good friends!!! 🙂

    • metalodyssey Says:

      That’s what music should do Nilla… rekindle “good memories” and make you feel fine. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts on it!

      – Stone

  6. I heard Kid Rock likes bass fishing.He’s going to be in Greensboro N.C. email me if he would like to go on one of the bass fishing trips of a life time

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