IGLOO WARFARE – A Metal Odyssey Interview!

IGLOO WARFAREBrandon Ortiz, aka Eski, is a very busy guy these days. It is a minor miracle that Metal Odyssey caught up with him recently, to get a Metal lowdown on his side project Igloo Warfare. Metal instrumental ear candy is how I best sum up Igloo Warfare. With Eski being in full control of it’s creation, from playing every instrument heard, through production, to the final recorded songs, Igloo Warfare is his work of Metal art.

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, band manager, promotion and marketing manager, record label owner (Final Breath Records) and every other imaginable title associated with overseeing his music getting heard and noticed, is what Eski is all about. Eski isn’t taking a bow to the “do-it-yourself” crowd, he is leaping over them with his envious drive and passion for the music he loves to create.

With Belle Roka by his side, there is also Morphine Killer keeping the Metal irons burning and the creative genius side of him stirring. Throw in the recent opportunity for Eski to step in to help Faithsedge on bass duties and you have not just a multi-taking musician… you have what is an example of devotion. Here is what Eski had to say:

Stone: So, Eski, how did the name Igloo Warfare come about?

Eski: I got the nickname “Eski” when I was about 15 years old, mainly due to the fact of looking like an eskimo, and being able to withstand the cold weather. I liked the idea of eskimos being up to something inside those igloos, so I went with “Igloo Warfare”, being a random Rock Band name I made up on the spot.

Stone: What inspires your songwriting for Igloo Warfare?

Eski: I love writing music, and usually what happens is I have a lot of Morphine Killer songs on the backburner, ready for vocals. But sometimes I will write songs for a particular mood, such as being an energetic video game song, or a moody movie song.

Stone: What comes easiest for you, writing music or playing it?

Eski: Writing it, definitely! There’s a lot of nuances that come around when it comes down to recording, and it has to be perfect. I have experimented with writing on the spot to the drums I program, because sometimes you just have to go where the music takes you.

Stone: I get that “Escape From New York” vibe on “Spider Whispers Death”. Did you initially set out for a Science Fiction meets Horror element with Igloo Warfare’s sound? Are you a fan of John Carpenter’s haunting movie scores?

Eski: I didn’t really set out for that vibe, but I wanted a sort of eerie vibe with the music, mixed with metal.. maybe that is the music version of science fiction meeting horror! Without knowing it, I have been influenced by John Carpenter! I love the Halloween movies, and Big Trouble In Little China (I loved that they got the idea for Raiden from Mortal Kombat from this movie).

Stone: Do you see your instrumentals being better suited for motion pictures or video games? Perhaps both?

Eski: I’d like to hope for both, but possibly more video games. I’d really like to get into either area if I could, though! I grew up with video games that had awesome music that helped inspire the mood, and I hope to do the same one day.

Stone: Will vocals ever be added to Igloo Warfare’s music?

Eski: I would like to think so! If they do, most likely they are going to end up a Morphine Killer song, unless someone else does vocals as a guest spot, and maybe we can release it as such.

Stone: With “Dopeth”, is it safe to say you are a fan of Opeth?

Eski: Absolutely, I love Opeth. Mikael Åkerfeldt is one of my favorite vocalists.

Metal Odyssey Note: Check out below, the Metal instrumental of Dopeth for yourself, courtesy of IGLOO WARFARE!

Stone: What’s the latest news you can share about Morphine Killer?

Eski: We’ve been working on ten or so songs that still need a bit more fine tuning. We’ve been really busy with our upcoming baby release than CD release, so please excuse us!

Stone: You and Belle are very much excused! A new baby on the way is much more important!

Stone: You’re also currently busy helping out Faiths Edge, handling the bass duties. What’s that been like?

Eski: It’s been really fun to just jam with friends and not feel the pressure of taking the reins so much. It’s also a really fun learning experience to work with another song writer and be able to bounce ideas off of each other. I helped him write a new song which might or might not appear on his next CD, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Eski with Belle Roka

Morphine Killer publicity photo by: Stephanie Grant/imsteph.com

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