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SANNHET – Debut LP From Brooklyn Trio To See CD Release

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Sannhet - Known Flood - promo cover pic!

Following a successful vinyl/digital release in February, the maiden release from Brooklyn-based (Sacrament MusicKnown Flood, the debut album from trio SANNHET, is now confirmed for release on CD via Consouling Sounds.

With nearly forty-five minutes of electrified post-metal, fueled with domineering riff-building movements and intense percussive hostility, Known Flood unifies SANNHET’s lightly blackened atmospheric style, captured by Colin Marston (Krallice, Behold… The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) and mastered by Carl Saff. The album and the band’s live performances across the NYC region supporting it have captivated fans and media alike, the band’s unique approach standing out in heavy contrast in an otherwise massively over saturated genre. SANNHET bends genres effortlessly, and blends it together in a coherent monster of an album. 45 minutes of adventurous aural bliss pass in the blink of an eye.

Licensed directly from Sacrament Music, the CD version of Known Flood will be made available through Belgium-based Consouling Sounds, the label’s aim to put extraordinary music in the post, doom and ambient niche and sub niches into the spotlight. Set for European release on July 8th, and North American release a day later, preorders for the disc are available HERE. The album is also still available on LP and digitally via Sacrament Music RIGHT HERE.

Stream Known Flood via Vice/Noisey AT THIS LOCATION.

Locals can catch them on June 28th supporting Locrian at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, home to Sacrament Music. Stay tuned for more SANNHET live/tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks.


6/28/2013 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Locrian [info]


Critical Praise:

“…Sannhet’s tools are dynamics and texture, deployed over simple melodic arcs… Instru-metal succeeds when it remember that it’s metal.” – Decibel

“…soaring post-rock with elements of black metal tremolo-picking, hardcore, and more. Think Russian Circles meets Altar of Plagues.” – BrooklynVegan


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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Facebook: Sannhet

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



THE DEVIL – Self-Titled Debut Set For North American Release On November 20th

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Candlelight Records, in cooperation with The Silent City, today confirms November 20th as the North American release date for The Devil, the self-titled debut album from the London-based sextet. The masked, all-instrumental band self-produced the entire recording.

THE DEVIL is not a typical Metal band. Combining Traditional/Classic Heavy Metal with select historical, political and conspiracy-laden oracles, the anonymous masked and cloaked musicians present a cinematic soundscape that is sure to strike the fancy of the curious. The 13-track album was crafted at six different recording studios and possesses a sound that is unlike any other you will encounter. Earlier this year, the internationally assembled band launched the beginning of the album campaign via two select videos. Since initiation, over half a million YouTube views have been logged.

Two songs from The Devil have already been tapped for soundtrack inclusion; Extinction Level Event licensed to upcoming film E.S.P. expected late 2012 and Divinorium licensed to upcoming film The Fury. The Fury is being directed by James Colmer (Superman Returns, House of Wax, See No Evil, will feature Erica Leerhsen (Blair Witch Project, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and is expected early 2013.

Director James Colmer comments on his attraction to THE DEVIL for the upcoming feature film. “Choosing a track for a feature film is often times a difficult task. For us it was a quest of finding a song that could convey the driving, thematic and ominous presence of this psychological thriller in the opening scenes. When I first heard ‘Divinorum,’ I immediately felt the connection I was looking for. It was as though it had been composed specifically for this film. I truly believe you can change the entire feeling and structure of a scene by making the right choice when it comes to music. I know we have made the right choice with THE DEVIL.”


The Devil – Track Listing:

01. Divinorum

02. Universe

03. Astral Dreamscape

04. World of Sorrow

05. Devil & Mankind

06. The Silent City

07. Akashic Enlightenment

08. Extinction Level Event

09. Intervention

10. Illuminati

11. Transcendence

12. Alternative Dimensions

13. Ascension

THE DEVIL plans to begin touring to support the album in early 2013. Collectively they note, “It is great to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, having worked on this band and album for years. We look forward to bringing our unique live show to audiences around the world.”


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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PELICAN ‘Ataraxia/Taraxis – As Excellence In Heavy Instrumental Albums Goes, This EP Is A Prime Pick

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PELICAN – Sometimes a four song EP does a Metal mind some good, especially when it’s as good as Ataraxia/Taraxis from the heavy Post-Instrumental band known as Pelican. All four songs I’ve listened to on this EP are rich with tonal vibrancy that weaves Stoner, Doom and Hard Rock, with spacey smooth, synthetic ambience added into the creative mix as well.

Pelican entertains so eloquently and craftily with their instruments, that vocals could never be applied to their songs without ruining the experience. There are moments I’ve encountered where Pelican can take me on that trip where the vibes are early Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep cassettes being blared at maximum level, on a hazy Summer’s day, from an old school boom box. In other words, within the swirls of their impressive musical fluency, Pelican plays it with some crunchy retrospective flare.

The Doom isn’t Pentagram, it’s more like Peligram. The Stoner isn’t The Sword, instead it’s Pelican flirting with the feel and rhythm of that genre and unveiling it within their songs as a shadow that doesn’t go unnoticed. Heavy (not like molasses) and diverse in sound, Ataraxia/Taraxis comes with solid production while not being anywhere near over-polished.

The Heavy Metal riffs are all here, the thick wall of Metal sound reigns supreme on Lathe Biosas and Parasite Colony. All four songs just come across to me as strongly written and so well executed. The end result of Ataraxia/Taraxis, for me, is a damn cool listening experience from the instrumental genius of Pelican.

Ataraxia/Taraxis releases on April 10th, 2012, via Southern Lord.


Laurent Schroeder-Lebec 
Trevor de Brauw
Bryan Herweg
Larry Herweg


Ataraxia/TaraxisTrack Listing:


Lathe Biosas

Parasite Colony



For more info on PELICAN, click on the links below:




ZEBULON PIKE – Full Album Stream Of ‘Space Is The Corpse Of Time’ Available At The Obelisk

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Minneapolis-based instrumental Prog/Doom goliaths ZEBULON PIKE unleashed their Space Is The Corpse Of Time full-length in 2011. Inspired in equal parts by heavy sounds of the ’70s (Mountain, Pentagram, Captain Beyond, early Judas Priest), Progressive Rock (King Crimson, Rush), and 20th century Classical (Bela Bartok, Arvo Part, and many others), the self-released, five-track offering is the band’s fourth and most ambitious work to date.

Dubbed “an epic feast of might and majesty” by Aquarius Records, ZEBULON PIKE churn an intriguing mixture of melodic melancholy, old-school guitar-isms, and Wagnerian dynamics that marks a mighty presence in the world of heavy music.

As a treat for those who’ve yet to witness the band’s unsung sonic sanctity, the fine folks at The Obelisk are currently streaming Space Is The Corpse Of Time in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

(Source: Earsplit  PR)

* For more info on ZEBULON PIKE, click on the links below:



IGLOO WARFARE – A Metal Odyssey Interview!

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IGLOO WARFAREBrandon Ortiz, aka Eski, is a very busy guy these days. It is a minor miracle that Metal Odyssey caught up with him recently, to get a Metal lowdown on his side project Igloo Warfare. Metal instrumental ear candy is how I best sum up Igloo Warfare. With Eski being in full control of it’s creation, from playing every instrument heard, through production, to the final recorded songs, Igloo Warfare is his work of Metal art.

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, band manager, promotion and marketing manager, record label owner (Final Breath Records) and every other imaginable title associated with overseeing his music getting heard and noticed, is what Eski is all about. Eski isn’t taking a bow to the “do-it-yourself” crowd, he is leaping over them with his envious drive and passion for the music he loves to create.

With Belle Roka by his side, there is also Morphine Killer keeping the Metal irons burning and the creative genius side of him stirring. Throw in the recent opportunity for Eski to step in to help Faithsedge on bass duties and you have not just a multi-taking musician… you have what is an example of devotion. Here is what Eski had to say:

Stone: So, Eski, how did the name Igloo Warfare come about?

Eski: I got the nickname “Eski” when I was about 15 years old, mainly due to the fact of looking like an eskimo, and being able to withstand the cold weather. I liked the idea of eskimos being up to something inside those igloos, so I went with “Igloo Warfare”, being a random Rock Band name I made up on the spot.

Stone: What inspires your songwriting for Igloo Warfare?

Eski: I love writing music, and usually what happens is I have a lot of Morphine Killer songs on the backburner, ready for vocals. But sometimes I will write songs for a particular mood, such as being an energetic video game song, or a moody movie song.

Stone: What comes easiest for you, writing music or playing it?

Eski: Writing it, definitely! There’s a lot of nuances that come around when it comes down to recording, and it has to be perfect. I have experimented with writing on the spot to the drums I program, because sometimes you just have to go where the music takes you.

Stone: I get that “Escape From New York” vibe on “Spider Whispers Death”. Did you initially set out for a Science Fiction meets Horror element with Igloo Warfare’s sound? Are you a fan of John Carpenter’s haunting movie scores?

Eski: I didn’t really set out for that vibe, but I wanted a sort of eerie vibe with the music, mixed with metal.. maybe that is the music version of science fiction meeting horror! Without knowing it, I have been influenced by John Carpenter! I love the Halloween movies, and Big Trouble In Little China (I loved that they got the idea for Raiden from Mortal Kombat from this movie).

Stone: Do you see your instrumentals being better suited for motion pictures or video games? Perhaps both?

Eski: I’d like to hope for both, but possibly more video games. I’d really like to get into either area if I could, though! I grew up with video games that had awesome music that helped inspire the mood, and I hope to do the same one day.

Stone: Will vocals ever be added to Igloo Warfare’s music?

Eski: I would like to think so! If they do, most likely they are going to end up a Morphine Killer song, unless someone else does vocals as a guest spot, and maybe we can release it as such.

Stone: With “Dopeth”, is it safe to say you are a fan of Opeth?

Eski: Absolutely, I love Opeth. Mikael Åkerfeldt is one of my favorite vocalists.

Metal Odyssey Note: Check out below, the Metal instrumental of Dopeth for yourself, courtesy of IGLOO WARFARE!

Stone: What’s the latest news you can share about Morphine Killer?

Eski: We’ve been working on ten or so songs that still need a bit more fine tuning. We’ve been really busy with our upcoming baby release than CD release, so please excuse us!

Stone: You and Belle are very much excused! A new baby on the way is much more important!

Stone: You’re also currently busy helping out Faiths Edge, handling the bass duties. What’s that been like?

Eski: It’s been really fun to just jam with friends and not feel the pressure of taking the reins so much. It’s also a really fun learning experience to work with another song writer and be able to bounce ideas off of each other. I helped him write a new song which might or might not appear on his next CD, so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Eski with Belle Roka

Morphine Killer publicity photo by: Stephanie Grant/

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