KISS “KILLERS” – A Piece Of Vinyl KISStory From 1982!

KISS – Sometime back in 1982 or 1983, I bought the KISS KILLERS album. I can vividly recall when I first saw this album though, it was at a small pop culture store that sold plenty of cool Heavy Metal albums from the 1970’s right up to those early 80’s. My cousin Randy worked at this store, he was always astute at Rock ‘N’ Roll history and what the newest album releases of the day were.

I didn’t hesitate about buying this KISS album then, knowing at the time it was an import, KILLERS was not a mass release within the United States. It was quite an impressive find for any KISS fan back then, even more so today, (see used prices below). The asking price for KILLERS set me back around $7 (U.S.) all those years ago. $7 back in ’82/’83 for a teen Metalhead like me was still a chunk of cheese.

Still having this KISS album in my collection is quite a thrill. I am proud of myself for not selling or trading away this piece of KISStory after all these years. (There are some KISS albums and KISS Kollectibles that I have moronically let go during my lifetime). My copy of KILLERS is in as near perfect condition as you could ever ask for, with no wear to the album jacket or vinyl. I truly took great care of this album over the years.

KILLERS was released a year after The Elder and is the first album cover to have Eric Carr pictured as a member of KISS, being released months before the amazing Creatures Of The Night album. This album is a greatest hits of the time, with four new studio tracks. Those tracks being: I’m A Legend Tonight, Down On Your Knees, Nowhere To Run and Partners In Crime.

KILLERS never came with any inside liner notes, nor are there any musician credits listed on the back cover. I’ve read throughout the years, from many sources, that Bob Kulick, (Bruce Kulick’s older brother), was the guitarist on the four new tracks. Obviously, Eric Carr was the drummer on the four new tracks.

Track Listing For KILLERS:


I’m A Legend Tonight

Down On Your Knees

Cold Gin

Love Gun

Shout It Out Loud

Sure Know Something


Nowhere To Run

Partners In Crime

Detroit Rock City

God Of Thunder

I Was Made For Loving You

Rock & Roll All Nite (live version)

* KILLERS was released on Casablanca Records, with their parent company phonogram having their logo at the bottom right corner on the back cover.

* As of January 8, 2011, there are 7 used KISS KILLERS albums (vinyl) for sale on The prices range from $26.98 to $106.04 in U.S. funds.

* KILLERS was produced by Michael James Jackson, (no, not the Michael Jackson). The album cover design is by Howard Marks Advertising, Inc.

There’s definitely better images out there of this KISS KILLERS album cover. I just wanted to show the world the exact copy that I own. The colors on the album cover I own, are much more vibrant than shown. The back cover design is very simple and it never impressed me. You just can’t beat owning any KISS vinyl. Check it out below:

Front cover of KISS KILLERS

Back cover of KISS KILLERS




13 Responses to “KISS “KILLERS” – A Piece Of Vinyl KISStory From 1982!”

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  2. That is a COOL vinyl album to own. My rarest KISS vinyl is the German import of the Best of the Solo Albums. I have it on Vinyl and CD. Got both at a Kiss Convention many years ago. I don’t have Killers on vinyl though. Way cool, Stone!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Hey Ryo, that sounds like a very fine piece of KISStory you have as well. I never knew there was such a KISS import! Man, I’ve never been to a KISS Convention either. 😦

      Thanks for sharing your KISS “find”. Maybe we should start our own “reality” television series called… “KISS Pickers”, where the two of us drive up and down the East Coast looking for pieces of KISStory! 🙂

  3. It looks like you have the Japanese version of KISS “Killers” because KISS albums for Germany have an alternate KISS logo (looks like “KIZZ”).

    The German and Japanese versions of KISS Killers have slightly different track listings.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for telling me this, while I read your comment that “German version” popped into my head… I had forgotten all about it and never knew it was a German version.

      I was just “rummaging” about last night in my basement, (trying to clean and organize the place) and pulled this album out. Now I’m keeping this “Killers” album out for awhile to play and stare at.

      Thanks a ton for the “variation” info… it’s appreciated! 🙂

      • >never knew it was a German version.

        The one you have is the Japanese version.

        In Germany, anything “Nazi-related” is prohibited. And, even though the “↯↯” in the KI↯↯ logo are meant to be lightning bolts and have nothing to do with Nazis, it was decided that they too closely resembles the Nazi “Schutz-Staffel” (Secret Service) “↯↯” logo and therefore KI↯↯ was forced to use a different “KIZZ” logo in Germany.

        So the German pressing of KI↯↯ albums became collectors’ items outside of Germany.

        • The German pressing can be seen here:

        • metalodyssey Says:

          Yes, I do recall reading many an article about what you stated. I just never connected the dots and realized there was a ban on the “original” KISS logo in Germany. I can fully understand the sensitivity of it all.

          Thanks for the link to see the German pressing. I’m now going to look for this “version” when I’m out and about Heavy Metal hunting around the antique/thrift stores. 😉

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  5. I used to have this vinyl and gave it away when I replaced it with a CD version. I remember I had to have this album because it had four new KISS tracks on it and also was even cooler to own because it was an import, of course this matter very little to my circle of friends since they were not into music or collected albums like I did then but I still felt a cool thing to own, remember this was pre internet days.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      That’s right Manny, “pre-internet days”. Years, um, decades ago, we wouldn’t know many times about a release, import or bonus tracks until the actual album stared us in the face at the record store! Now, with global internet communication, we know when a musician farts the wrong way on the freeway in East Cupcake, Maine! 😉

  6. I had Anton Fig sign my CD version. he did all the drums on UnMasked and Dynasty.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Anton Fig is a real deal member/part of KISS’s legacy. I just love that “Unmasked” album too. The past couple of years, I’ve seemed to gravitate to “Unmasked” all the more for some reason. “Dynasty” is also an album that deserves more credit than it gets, IMO. KISS has had that “extended family” of musicians that deserve the credit and attention they deserve.

      That is very cool to have Anton’s sig on this CD. Very cool. Heck, that’s a KISS treasure.

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