Leslie West and Mountain – Roots of Heavy Music, Legends of Rock!

LESLIE WEST and MOUNTAIN – The news this week about Leslie West having to undergo a leg amputation is absolutely sad to hear. Complications from diabetes has caused this unfortunate trial for Leslie. I wish Leslie West a victorious recovery and shall keep him and his family in my prayers. I’m very happy to hear he is recovering. I read excerpts of Leslie’s call-in to Howard Stern’s satellite radio show (on Wednesday, June 22nd) where he explained the scary chain of events.

Leslie West is both a pioneer and legend of Rock music. Leslie pioneered heavy guitar playing, I shudder to think where Hard Rock and Heavy Metal would be without his signature guitar and vocal styles. I’m just an Old Schooler when it comes to Rock and Roll’s roots. I’ll continue to thank the guys and gals of Rock and Roll’s yesteryear for founding and shaping the music I so much love. Thank you Leslie West.

Throughout my life, I’ve read countless interviews of Rock musicians and Leslie’s name consistently turns up when the topic of “influence” is brought up. The same has held true when I’ve done interviews for either Hard Rock Hideout or Metal Odyssey, his influence is brought up consistently. Leslie West is not just another musician in Rock history, Leslie West is a key figure who helped build Hard Rock and Heavy Metal to where it is in 2011.

This past week I went digging around to see what Mountain albums I’ve reviewed and there are a couple. (See below). Check out these two Mountain albums (if you haven’t already), they quite simply… ROCK.

(MountainMasters Of War – 2007/Big Rack Records)

On April 28, 2010, I wrote about Masters Of War, a cover song album that pays tribute to Bob Dylan’s classics. Click the big header link below to check it out:

MOUNTAIN – Masters Of War: A Cover Song Album Of Bob Dylan Classics

(MountainThe Best Of Mountain Live – 2006/St. Clair)

On January 30th, 2010, I wrote about The Best Of Mountain Live. This is a really cool and live Mountain CD to listen to. You can read all about it by clicking the big header link below:

MOUNTAIN – The Best Of Live: A Listen In Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Roots


* For more info on MOUNTAIN, click on the link below:

MOUNTAIN – Official Web-Site




4 Responses to “Leslie West and Mountain – Roots of Heavy Music, Legends of Rock!”

  1. Leslie West is certainly a legend and will be pulling the Mountain climbing out of my archives and give it a spin today.

    I wish him the best and he is a true metal pioneer, not many people can say they were name checked by Randy Rhoads as an influence but he certainly can.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Right on Manny, right on. A Metal kudos to you for pulling out “Mountain Climbing!”. You are undeniably Old School. 🙂

      I always wanted to write about that album… then, like so many “iconic” Rock albums, what in the world could I possibly say other than it was and always will be one of the measuring sticks of Rock history!

      Hey Manny… the 40th Anniversary of Jim Morrison’s passing is upon us soon… July 3rd. Whoa, it’s hard to believe. RIP Jim Morrison.

  2. it is hard to believe that Jim Morrison died 40 years ago this upcoming July 3rd, I hope you find time to pay tribute to this great artist.

    BTW I am glad you posted that cover of Mountain’s Master of War, it reminds me that I need to score a copy and listen to their take on Dylan classics.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I really want to post a tribute to Jim Morrison, it wouldn’t be or feel right if I didn’t! I remember you and I sharing our thoughts on the “13” album post. \m/

      Believe it or not, I found & bought “Masters Of War” at Walmart back around it’s release date! I know… Walmart, of all places! That store can stock some cool CD’s when it wants to… LOL.

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