SALTY DOG – Every Dog Has Its Day: This Hard Rockin’ Album From 1990 Has Its Day On Metal Odyssey

SALTY DOG – Going back to 1990, here is a band that I Rocked out to and was reminded about while rummaging through my “vintage” cassette collection late last night: Salty Dog. I remember buying the cassette for Every Dog Has Its Day instead of the CD due to my not having a CD player in my car. Cassette players in cars ruled the day back then. Heck, back in 1990, who did have a CD player in their car? No one in my crowd!

Holding onto the cassettes of my past enables me to go back in time and listen to albums that I never upgraded to CD. Many of my cassettes are not even available on CD either due to the “out-of-print” syndrome that seems to affect so many cool bands and albums of decades past. My apologies for often times overstating this annoying music industry fact.

Salty Dog may have been ahead of their time or time was just standing still for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in 1990. Take your pick. The Rockin’ tenure for Salty Dog was 1986 to 1991, with Every Dog Has Its Day being their album of note. Looking back, 1990 was not a generous time for up and coming bands of Heavy Music. With that said, there were and always will be an audience of fans and supporters for the kind of hard-edged Rock and Roll Salty Dog created and played. I’m living proof and I know I’m not alone.

Every Dog Has Its Day was originally released on Geffen Records in 1990. That was a tough year and time period for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands, with so many record labels looking for the next Nirvana. I wonder out loud, just how popular this Salty Dog album would be if it were “newly” released today? Gambling with my guess, I’m leaning towards Every Dog Has Its Day as being a hit. Why not? The Bluesy, Hard Rockin’ sound of Salty Dog should be appealing to the Hard Rock, Arena Rock and Classic Rock fans of 2011.

This is an old school, party till it’s four in the morning album… that comes with a spinning back kick of Hard Rockin’ relevance. (To my ears anyways). I remember the song Come Along like it was yesterday and it’s easily my favorite on this album. I looked up the availability of Every Dog Has Its Day on and used copies are available for around $13 (U.S.). Trust me, these “used” CD prices for this title go even higher! However, new or unopened copies of this original CD fetch a far bigger price: upwards to around $100 (U.S.). A 2010 reissue on a label called Bad Reputation has the new price floating at the $30 level (U.S.).

For a one album band, Salty Dog is surely remembered as delivering some memorable Rockin’ goods. Check ’em out by picking up this CD. Only get it at a decent price!

BELOW: Is a very cool & rare promo bio picture sheet that was distributed by Geffen Records back in 1989. This Salty Dog promo is courtesy of Metal Buddy Kinger over at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival. Thanks Kinger!


Jimmi Bleacher – vocals

Pete Reveen – guitar

Michael Hannon – bass

Khurt Maier – drums

Every Dog Has Its Day – Track Listing:

Come Along

Cat’s Got Nine

Ring My Bell

Where The Sun Don’t Shine


Just Like A Woman

Sim Sala Bim

Keep Me Down

Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)

Lonesome Fool

Slow Daze

Sacrifice Me

Nothin’ But A Dream

(CD Back Cover)



10 Responses to “SALTY DOG – Every Dog Has Its Day: This Hard Rockin’ Album From 1990 Has Its Day On Metal Odyssey”

  1. rbtaleman Says:

    I loved Salty Dog, have the cassette and never upgrade to CD version either. Now I gotta go pull that out and crank it up! Thanks for your constant, quality posts my metal brother. It’s good to learn about music I’m not familiar with and to connect with a fellow metalhead through old, cherished and shared forgotten classics.
    Check out my site and the Shoulda’ Been Bigger section. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for the kind Metal words. 🙂

      I did check out your site and Heavy Metal Messenger undeniably kicks ass! Whoa. Yes, the “Shoulda’ Been Bigger” section I am getting a big Metal kick out of! \m/

      I’ll put your site link in my “notorious right hand column” of Metal Odyssey for visitors to find.

      Brothers In Metal \m/


  2. I didn’t get my first CD until 1993 and didn’t get a car with a CD player in it till 2007 so if anyone is behind the times, it’s me. I have heard the track “Cats Got Nine” and if that track is anything to go by, then it’s a good album

  3. You’ve really piqued my interest with this one Stone – I’m gonna check them out.

  4. angela dougan-maier Says:

    Salty Dog is playing in LA Dec 10th 2011 at Key Club Hollywood! 213-422-5941 For more info! Dont miss it!

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