Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare: Releases September 13th, 2011! Some Metal Thoughts…

ALICE COOPER – As with the new Anthrax studio album (Worship Music),  the new Alice Cooper album Welcome 2 My Nightmare releases on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011. Call this “Super Heavy Metal Tuesday” or what! I never was offered any free promos of the new Anthrax or Alice Cooper, so I’ll be buying them both on Tuesday. (Apparently Metal Odyssey isn’t that famous and cool yet). Quite frankly I am more than willing to shell out the money for brand new Anthrax and Alice Cooper albums. It’s all about “supporting your bands” anyhow and I’ve strived to show strong support over the course of time for both Anthrax and Alice Cooper.

Will I do an album review for the new Alice Cooper album? I guess if I feel like it. Will I do an album review for the new Anthrax? Again, If I feel like it. Since the record companies and/or PR people for both Anthrax and Alice Cooper don’t want to get in touch with Stone, I’m in no hurry to review ’em. We’ll see what happens. I’m predicting I’ll be pleased with both though… I hope. For now, the FREE publicity is right here for both the record companies and bands… yippeee! Isn’t Stone such a swell guy?

* Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare is being released on Universal Music Group, um, Enterprises or something like that. Take your pick. Whatever. This Universal label has gotten in touch with me in the past, I did a cool album review for them and then they disappeared. Plus, this Universal label owes Stone an interview with Get Scared. I submitted questions to the label per their nagging request and then they never got back to me. Real UNPROFESSIONAL on their part. Do I sound like I’m bitching? Hell yes I am. Stone doesn’t like being taken advantage of by NO ONE. Especially when all the writing and publicity I do is for F’n FREE.

Welcome 2 My Nightmare – Track Listing:

I Am Made Of You


The Nightmare Returns

A Runaway Train

Last Man On Earth

The Congregation

I’ll Bite Your Face Off

Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever

Ghouls Gone Wild

Something To Remember Me By

When Hell Comes Home

What Baby Wants

I Gotta Get Outta Here

The Underture





12 Responses to “Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare: Releases September 13th, 2011! Some Metal Thoughts…”

  1. Always been a big fan of Alice, even through the early 80s when he almost drifted into obscurity. Long live Alice Cooper!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      When you stop to think about it, Alice Cooper started the whole Shock Rock/Horror Rock “thing” and I just admire that original band as musicians and Alice himself as a singer/performer.

      Alice Cooper (solo) albums have really grown on me over the years, even “Constrictor” with it’s late 80’s cheese.

      I can’t imagine what Hard Rock & Heavy Metal would be like if Alice Cooper did continue on into obscurity… maybe Rob Zombie would have become a gospel singer? 😮

  2. I’ve only heard Constrictor once or twice and that was many years ago. Definitely for me, the album that brought him back to his greatness was Raise Your Fist and Yell. You’re right about if he continued the slide. Heavy Metal would have been a lot worse off and I couldn’t immagine Rob Zombie as a gospel singer.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      LOL… I guess that is me taking it to the “extreme” with Zombie becoming a gospel singer! Then again, we have to look at the comedy flick “Wayne’s World” and know just how influential Alice Cooper was all along to us Metalheads! “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy”! Do you remember that movie and scene? 😮

  3. Waynes World is a brilliant flick and it does highlight how influential Alice was. The sequel was good too.

  4. Curious to hear your thoughts on the new Alice Cooper disc. I think it is really cool.

  5. The new Anthrax is weak. Joey’s vocals pale in comparison to those of John. I really feel that they went backwards with this album. The album would be alright if we were still living in 1990-1991. The album actually sounds like a rehash of Persistence of Time outtakes. I am honestly done with this band, they were once a favorite of mine but have proven how shady they are with how they treat people and members/former members. I still have trouble believing that they kick John Bush, The man who breathed new life into their band, to the curb so they could cash in on a reunion tour. As far as I am concerned, Anthrax got hit by a truck!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for your Metal thoughts man. I like “Worship Music” and I did not anticipate it to be so melodic. My favorite Anthrax will always be “Fistful Of Metal”, “Spreading The Disease” and “Among The Living”. John Bush is an excellent lead singer! Right on there. You know what has been pissing me off for the last couple of years now? It’s that it took how many years for Anthrax to release a new studio album and they are part of the “Big 4”, while Overkill 100% DESERVES to be included in any type of “Big 4 Bash” like what’s been going on.

      Overkill, regardless of lineup changes, has been the “mark of Thrash Metal consistency” and they are pushed aside from any “Big 4” lolapalooza. Phew, dude, thank you for getting me pumped up! I probably didn’t get that much “off topic”! Thanks again for your honest view on the new Anthrax. Rock Steady bro \m/

      – Stone

  6. I’ve always liked Joey’s vocals but that’s me. Overkill have been one of those bands that have been growing on me over the past twenty years. Everytime I hear them, I like them more.

  7. I get the Big 4, because they were/are the top names in that genre but I think they should have done these shows as day long events. That way they could add Testament, Exodus, Overkill and anyone else that I may be forgetting. That would have been a better way to go. I would have been more interested in making an attempt to go to one of these shows if all of those bands were playing. I really wanted to go, just to see Megadeth as I haven’t seen them live before. I had no interest in seeing the current incarnation of Anthrax. I saw them, with Bush singing, back in the ’90s at Birch Hill with Life of Agony. I am just no longer into what they are doing with who they are doing it (just my opinion, I really loved the John Bush era, even more than the Joey years).

    Also, If you are interested in the Misfits, skip the album that is coming out next week. It is all leftover stuff from the last two albums that Michale Graves was on with them. It is comprised of songs that were not up to par with the songs that did get put on the albums.
    And if that wasn’t bad enough, Graves isn’t singing, Jerry is(trying).
    If you are a fan of the Misfits, Check out Blitzkid, they started out very similar to the Misfits, but have grown passed that.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      That would have been a remarkable idea, to have a day long event with Testament, Exodus and of course Overkill. I don’t think you left anyone out, we could make this list huge, only then it would get out of hand… LOL. Alright, maybe I would add Laaz Rockit and Nuclear Assault too… LOL again. My first time catching Megadeth live was opening for DIO along with Savatage, many Metal moons ago.

      Did you know Laaz Rockit was the first Thrash Metal band to play “live” outside the U.S.? Now that’s Thrash Metal history! (That’s what I’ve read in an interview with Laaz Rockit… so hopefully it is true and I don’t look like a horses ass).

      I’m just a big ol’ MISFITS fan. My favorite era of course is the original with Danzig. I guess my loyalty to the MISFITS is best described as “diehard”. I will check out Blitzkid more. Admittedly, I’ve yet to buy a CD of theirs and it is probably about time that I get started! \m/

  8. I’ll have to look into Laaz Rockit, I’ve never even heard of them before.
    Danzig is where it all began. Through Cliff I discovered Danzig, The Misfits, and Samhain. I loved the Danzig era and Graves was pretty damn good too. The stuff that is just Jerry singing really is not worthy of the name, The Misfits. I’ve already heard the album from start to finish.
    Blitzkid first few albums (Terrifying Tales [2000] and Let Flowers Die [2001] were heavily inspired by The Misfits. In 2003 They released a split E.P. with a local N.J. band named Mister Monster, which marked the beginning of the band evolving past just writing songs about horror movies. In 2004 Trace of a Stranger was released. This album solidified their move in a more serious direction and growth musically beyond just punk or horror punk.
    Five Cellars Below came next in 2006 (This one has to be my favorite), followed by Apparitional in 2011.
    There are also various E.P.s, live albums, soundtrack and compilation appearances, and also an album of older songs reworked after gaining more studio experience.
    I honestly love this band. I stumbled upon them from a review in a horror magazine and they have been a favorite ever since. If I can turn somebody else on to them that would be awesome.
    Also check out Mister Monster. The best way to describe them would be: If you put 1988 G n R in a blender with Return of the Living Dead, Doo Wop music of the ’50s, and a hint of The Misfits.
    When you get a chance, check these bands out and let me know what you think.

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