DEF LEPPARD Lead Guitarist PHIL COLLEN – Celebrates Career Milestones In 2012

Photo Credit: Helen Collen Photography




(Los Angeles, CA)-2012 looks to be quite a year for Def Leppard lead guitarist and Manraze founder/vocalist/guitarist PHIL COLLEN.  This year marks a number of anniversaries for the prolific axe man namely the 30th anniversary of COLLEN joining Def Leppard as lead guitarist and helping to complete the partially recorded 10x platinum album Pyromania.  In addition this year marks the 25th anniversary for the 20x platinum album Hysteria as well as the 20th anniversary of its follow-up Adrenalize. 

Last year’s Mirrorball Tour garnered Def Leppard a No. 1 slot on Billboard’s Hot Tours list. Based on ticket totals which grossed over $19 million in ticket sales in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK Def Leppard powered across the globe with Heart as a featured act then ending the tour with Motley Crue and Steel Panther for it’s fans in the UK.  The band has now sold over 100 million albums worldwide achieving diamond status twice in their career, one of six bands to ever do so.

June 6th, 2012 will bring the much-anticipated Broadway hit musical turned box office blockbuster, Rock of Ages, a star-studded fiesta directed by Adam Shankman and starring Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti and Mary J. Blige. The 80’s heyday tribute to the L.A.’s Sunset Strip named after one of Def Leppard’s hit tunes will include 3 Def Leppard hits-“Pour Some Sugar On Me”, “Bringing On The Heartbreak”, and  the title track “Rock Of Ages”.

Manraze, Phil Collen’s alternative groove side project now being hailed as a “supergroup” features bassist Simon Laffy of Phil’s former group Girl and legendary Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. The three have released PUNKFUNKROOTSROCK, a gritty rock-n-dub stew now available via Rocket Science Ventures/RED. Their critically acclaimed first single “Over My Dead Body” is available for free download at

Originally released as a limited Holiday download to the Manraze and Def Leppard social media outlets, “Over My Dead Body” reached the download limit within 10 minutes and within 24 hours was streamed over 4500 times.  Manraze’s cover tribute of Phil’s favorite guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s classic tune “Fire” has been no less explosive tearing up internet radio stations worldwide and currently #1 on the IHEARTRADIO.COM Rock on Demand chart. Both tracks are set to be released to terrestrial Rock radio in the Spring.

Manraze also recently completed a new single and video titled “Take on the World” featuring newcomer Debbi Blackwell-Cook and written for the 2011 British Superbike racing champion Tommy Hill. The high energy hard rock/dance single, available on iTunes-February 7, is the theme for 2011’s ‘I, Superbiker’ sequel ‘The Showdown: I, Superbiker II’ which will chronicle Tommy’s rise to the 2011 British Superbike championship. The film directed by Mark Sloper is set to be released to 135 theatres in the UK February 21st, 2012.

Following his other passion in life, physical fitness, PHIL COLLEN will be returning by popular demand to the L.A. Fitness Expo on January 28th, 2012 to meet and sign autographs with the public. He will be accompanied by his longtime trainer, Muay Thai martial arts champion and world champion coach Jean Carrillo.  Collen and Carrillo together have started a training program ‘Physical Mechanics’ which will focus on fitness regimens that range from first time workouts to extreme physical muay thai training. A fitness dvd and book are soon to follow.

(Source: MAD Ink, PR)




12 Responses to “DEF LEPPARD Lead Guitarist PHIL COLLEN – Celebrates Career Milestones In 2012”

  1. Amy Macias Says:

    I am so proud of u Phil, and diffently proud of all our boys in Def Leppard, yall work so hard and i am glad to see that life and passion is paying off for yall…keep up the good work and u have 100% of my support, i love yall so much…

  2. Hi!
    Ummm….. I hate to break the news to you but Def Leppard is NOT heavy metal.

  3. Damien Echols Says:

    PR lies. Def Leppard has NOT sold 100 million albums.

    • you are awsum Def Leppard Rocksssssssssssssssss keep it up for many more years !!! I was there In Ft myeres when you first came around Lover Boy Opened for you seen you 5 times want 5 more !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So offer up the facts then Damien-Boy! Exactly how many have they sold – by your tally that is. You’re a tard. If you don’t like the band why reply at all. Hell, you took the time to read the article so you must have some sort of vested interest… explain, please, I’m waiting with baited breath!!!

  4. Hi Phil and all the guys out there. Great news to hear you are playing again. I love many of Def Leppard’s songs. It was a fantastic music during most of the 80’s. I’d like to be there!!!

  5. Hey Phil, I have loved you guys forever, not just for your amazing music, but for that wonderful sense of solidarity/determination that you all have. Def Leppard will always be a legendary band. You have stuck together for all these years, in a fickle industry, and you should be “well proud” of all that you have done together.
    And you have a smoking hot body, lucky Helen!
    Keep Rockin’!, I’ll keep listenin’!,
    Fleur (Lover of the Lepps since 87′ then age 13!!, now way older!)

  6. LouAnn Stokes Says:

    Def Leppard has been my favorite band from the release of Pyromania. I have been to more Def Leppard concerts than I can count. Seeing and listening to a band or any other performer live tells you what kind of artists they really are. A lot of things can be fixed in the studio. On stage you see and hear the real deal. Def Leppard has always been awesome on stage. I have never seen or heard a bad performance. The energy they exude on stage and and the energy reciprocated from the crowd is palpable. Don’t let VIP packages spoil your experience.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hey phil, I have love Def Leppard for many many years. But got to see u guys for the first time in Auburn washinton with heart in 2011.
    Hope to get to see u again soon. Love u phil u are the best

  8. Hey phil, Have love u guys forever but never got to see u in concert until 2011 in Auburn washington. I love u phil and hope to see u in concert again

  9. YEAH!! I’ve been listening since the beginning… Listen on my ipod – It gets me through my drudgery job every night. I haven’t been to a concert in years – maybe I should. I miss the younger days 😦

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