Metal Odyssey Presents: Monday’s Rock ‘N Roll Debate! Beastie Boys Versus The Moody Blues


Alright. The votes are in by “whoever” and have been counted at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for this year’s induction class. Beastie Boys have been inducted within this 2012 class. Once again, The Moody Blues have been ignored by “whoever” casts the votes over in that “not for profit” building in Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, I am laughing hysterically right about now. I should be. Beastie Boys have been inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame before KISS, Cheap Trick, ChicagoThe Doobie Brothers and even Mott The Hoople. The list of eligible world-class musicians and bands that Beastie Boys moved ahead of for induction is very long.

The biggest embarrassment to the Rock music industry isn’t that Beastie Boys made it into the hall, (all the power to Beastie Boys), it’s that “whoever” in Cleveland feels Beastie Boys are more influential, musically polished and bigger Rock history icons than… The Moody Blues. Whoa.

Here is your forum folks. Let it vent, please. I ask of you right now, do Beastie Boys belong inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame before The Moody Blues? Let’s put the other bands and musicians aside that are factually light years above Beastie Boys musically and that have been snubbed by “whoever” in Cleveland. This is about Beastie Boys versus The Moody Blues based on their respective “all-time” Rock music influence, song writing and musicianship.

At this point in time in the music industry, talking record sales is a pile of bacteria infested horse crap. Why? Cause the Kidz Bop series sells millions of units… does that mean Kidz Bop gets inducted into the hall one day too? Let the Rock ‘N Roll debate begin…






5 Responses to “Metal Odyssey Presents: Monday’s Rock ‘N Roll Debate! Beastie Boys Versus The Moody Blues”

  1. I think I’m right in saying AC/DC are already in the rock n roll hall of fame, so, given the amount of samples Beastie boys have nicked from them, including BB in the hall is pointless!

    Moody Blues? Hell yeah! Get them in!

  2. All the artists you mention are more deserving of the Hall of Fame than the Beastie Boys and there are many more you haven’t included that are as well. Twisted Sister for one. Who are the numpties who do the voting because they definitely don’t know rock music.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      TWISTED F’N SISTER!!!!! Um, excuse me. I kinda get over-excited sometimes. 🙂

      You are right… there are many bands not mentioned that are deserving of induction to the hall over the Beastie Boys. Many, many, many.

      • I also agree with Kev’s suggestion of AC/DC. They’ve been around a quarter of a century while the Beastie Boys were famous for five minutes. Todd Rundgren is another who is much more deserving to be in there as an artist and a producer

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