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Metal Odyssey Presents: Monday’s Rock ‘N Roll Debate! Beastie Boys Versus The Moody Blues

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Alright. The votes are in by “whoever” and have been counted at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for this year’s induction class. Beastie Boys have been inducted within this 2012 class. Once again, The Moody Blues have been ignored by “whoever” casts the votes over in that “not for profit” building in Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, I am laughing hysterically right about now. I should be. Beastie Boys have been inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame before KISS, Cheap Trick, ChicagoThe Doobie Brothers and even Mott The Hoople. The list of eligible world-class musicians and bands that Beastie Boys moved ahead of for induction is very long.

The biggest embarrassment to the Rock music industry isn’t that Beastie Boys made it into the hall, (all the power to Beastie Boys), it’s that “whoever” in Cleveland feels Beastie Boys are more influential, musically polished and bigger Rock history icons than… The Moody Blues. Whoa.

Here is your forum folks. Let it vent, please. I ask of you right now, do Beastie Boys belong inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame before The Moody Blues? Let’s put the other bands and musicians aside that are factually light years above Beastie Boys musically and that have been snubbed by “whoever” in Cleveland. This is about Beastie Boys versus The Moody Blues based on their respective “all-time” Rock music influence, song writing and musicianship.

At this point in time in the music industry, talking record sales is a pile of bacteria infested horse crap. Why? Cause the Kidz Bop series sells millions of units… does that mean Kidz Bop gets inducted into the hall one day too? Let the Rock ‘N Roll debate begin…






Some things that really irk me…

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Alright, here is my moment to vent… here is a list of things that irk me. You might find the talking points on this list may irk you too. If none below irk you, all the power to you.

1. The rising price of toilet paper as each passing year goes by. Do not get fooled into buying the budget brands of T.P. either, it is a gotcha by the toilet paper industry… they want the inferior T.P. to disintegrate in your hands as you wipe away… forcing us all into buying the premium brands.

2. Why can’t the United States of America just have a universal law passed abolishing the yield sign? From my daily observations of traveling by car, no other motorists seems to understand that yield is equal to or means STOP!!

3. Why hasn’t there been another trip to the Moon? I mean, like, it’s been practically 40 years since we made the last trip… forget about frequent flyer miles, NASA.

4. Why does the U.S. Congress get a PAID Summer Recess when these politicians already get numerous paid vacation days, holidays, sick days and goof off days – courtesy of our tax dollars? Oh, I forgot, we the people are not supposed to question our elected officials.

5. This has bugged me for eons now…  why do television golf commentators whisper while giving the coverage of a tournament? 

6. What exactly is the excitement of televised poker? Obviously, I must be missing something here. 

7. Reality television, (non-celebrity), dads who all think and act like they are the ultimate dad. My point is well made here, just ask Kate.

8. Hybrid cars… yeah, they are so easy to buy, there are so many hybrid auto dealerships to choose from too. Plus, as a bonus, they are so inexpensive. Right.

9. Is it cloud to ground lightning or ground to cloud lightning? Huh? I wish professionally paid meteorologists would finally decide on which one to call it… they all reference both, I have finally come to reason and just call it dangerous lightning myself.

10. If styrofoam is known to take light years to decay in landfills and very few municipalities recycle it, then, uh, why is it still made and used?

Oh, yeah, what would a list of things that irk me be without Rock Music? Here it is… #11 on this list: How come The Moody Blues and The Electric Light Orchestra are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? 

Ahhh. I feel much better now. Maybe this list was thought provoking, maybe it was a waste of your time. Regardless, if you are reading this line, then that means you at least read the list… thank you for visiting.

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