Wanna Know What’s Kicked My Metal Lovin’ Ass Recently?

I’m not going to tip-toe around the Metal bush here. I am revealing what has kicked my Metal lovin’ ass recently to the world. Enjoy:

Last night, (February 6th), I took in the Anthrax, Testament & Death Angel show at The Crocodile Rock Cafe, in Metal enriched Allentown, Pennsylvania. These three legendary Metal bands kicked my Metal lovin’ ass into submission. I was joined by Metal buddies Danielle and Lee for this show and the three of us can agree about last evening’s Metal experience with these words: Good Metal times. I will be writing in more Metal detail, just how fun and Metal Thrashin’ Mad the night really was, within the next few days. There’s a couple of cool pics from this Metal experience too.

REVOCATION released Chaos Of Forms back on August 16th, 2011 via Relapse Records and it has served me Metal right. Oh, yes, it has kicked my Metal lovin’ ass from top to bottom. If you are in desperate need of listening to a Thrash Metal album that is so damn intense with its vocal aggression, guitar driven bliss, bass pummeling and percussion pounding assault, then buy Chaos Of Forms and thank the Metal Gods that this band exists. Metal be thy name.




One Response to “Wanna Know What’s Kicked My Metal Lovin’ Ass Recently?”

  1. Good times, thanks for sharing

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