YES – This Day In Rock Music History, February 19th, 1971

YES – Back on February 19th, 1971, the third studio album from Yes was released in the UK on Atlantic Records. Conveniently titled The Yes Album, it boasts three songs that catapulted Yes into the stratosphere of Rock and Progressive Rock notoriety. Yours Is No Disgrace, Starship Trooper and I’ve Seen All Good People became eventual permanent listening fixtures on FM radio. These are easily the three songs from Yes that triggered me to become a fan of their music, so many years ago.

The Yes Album is without question, my favorite album from the Yes catalog. The Yes Album I regard as a 100% Progressive Rock and Rock classic, from a seriously legendary band that helped pioneer Progressive Rock. Yes belongs nominated and inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… what an obvious scandal that this iconic band has not been given membership from that confusing “establishment” as of yet.

The Yes Album was released in the United States one month after its UK release. This was the first Yes album that featured the (eventual) legendary guitarist: Steve Howe. For me, I find it so amazing, that The Yes Album was released over 40 years ago and it still sounds so fresh and brilliant to this day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve escaped stress while listening to The Yes Album. As fine of an introduction to Progressive Rock as you’ll hear, The Yes Album stands alone. Simply timeless to my ears is The Yes Album.


YES (as they appeared on The Yes Album):

Jon Anderson – lead vocals

Steve Howe – guitars, vocals & vihuela

Chris Squire – bass & vocals

Tony Kaye – organ, piano & moog

Bill Bruford – drums

For more info on YES, click on the links below:




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