FOREVERS EDGE – Team All About The Music Welcomes Progressive Metallers To Their Roster!

There certainly is something in that New Jersey water that can produce some incredible music. FOREVER’S EDGE is a conglomerate of Metal’s finest featuring Clay Barton (Suspyre), Salvatore Pisano, Andrew Distabile (Suspyre), Mike Pignataro, Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, ex-Suspyre, ex-Mutiny Within, ex-Abigail Williams), and Sharon MacPherson.

FOREVER’S EDGE has some of the most technical musicianship layered with soaring vocals by Barton and complex song structures. For anyone who has even the slightest interest in Progressive Metal, this is a band that will have you hooked.

The band is currently in the studio (Erypsus Studios) recording their second, as of yet unnamed, masterpiece. The album is due to be out in the summer of 2012 with a load of updates and announcements in the mean time.

To pump up the fans, FOREVER’S EDGE has re-released their highly acclaimed debut album Chaotic Silence. When guitarist Salvatore Pisano was asked what Chaotic Silence was about, he stated:
“It was like testing the waters for what we could do with such musicians from well-respected bands coming together. The album itself is an emotional journey that evolved in its music as I evolved and matured in life. It has within it stories like the Trilogy of Music: A story about a girl who was deaf, and a boy who loved her could only communicate with her through music and song to tell her how he feels. And the sad story of how she got pregnant, and the boy in the end died when he lost them both.”
(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity, Management, A&R)
For more info FOREVERS EDGE, click on the link below:

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