MR. BIG – Live From The Living Room – Is An Acoustic Ride To Revel In

MR. BIG – Releasing on February 24th in Europe and February 28th in North America, via Frontiers Records, is Live From The Living Room from MR. BIG. This album documents the first ever live acoustic performance from MR. BIG, which took place back in late January of 2011, at the WOWOW TV Studios in Tokyo, Japan. With the idea of an acoustic performance already in place, MR. BIG also embraced a string quintet to add to the overall ambiance of this live acoustic production. The arrangements were provided by Takashi Miyazaki.

If there are two bands from the world of Hard Rock that can pull off a live acoustic set, one is Tesla and the other certainly is MR. BIG. Too often the word acoustic can send shivers down a Hard Rock die-hard’s spine, the mere thought of MR. BIG (gulp) watering down any of their songs surely can bring tears to my eyes. For Metal sakes, this is MR. BIG and they did receive my personal pick of “Best Hard Rock Album of 2011” with their ultra-fabulous What If…

Undertow psyches me out. This acoustic version um… psyches me out too. Is it the overall melody? Can it be the groovy acoustic strings that Paul Gilbert is playing? Billy Sheehan’s signature sound on bass? I don’t know exactly, it’s a cumulative thing happening here and it sounds very cool. Eric Martin never sings in any “acoustic sort of way” either, therefore there is an underlying Hard Rock backbone that is ever-present from his vocals.

Yes Virginia, them Hard Rock dudes that play acoustic sure can shred. Paul Gilbert doesn’t hold back on Still Ain’t Enough For Me. Eric Martin sounds fantastic throughout this entire performance and really shines on Voodoo Kiss, Stranger In My Life and As Far As I Can See. Take Cover just resonates the undeniable richness of sound that translates from an acoustic version. MR. BIG makes it sound just too easy… and fun too. To Be With You doesn’t stray far from its original package and is an acoustic showstopper.

Even if you are not a fan of MR. BIG, this just might be the album to make you one. You will hear four top-tier musicians in their prime, playing their songs in celebratory fashion, courtesy of an acoustic approach. Despite any lack of Hard Rock power, these songs still play-out as MR. BIG and sound like the band I’ve admired for many years counting. Yes, take this acoustic ride with MR. BIG and don’t be afraid to sing along to the songs either.

Okay, there is one drawback about this live acoustic album from MR. BIG. I’m very disappointed that these guys didn’t choose my living room to perform and record in. Maybe next time.


Eric Martin – lead vocals

Billy Sheehan – bass & backing vocals

Paul Gilbert – guitar & backing vocals

Pat Torpey – drums, percussion & backing vocals




Still Ain’t Enough For Me

As Far As I Can See

Voodoo Kiss

Take Cover

Around The World

Stranger In My Life

All The Way Up

To Be With You

Nobody Left To Blame


For more info on MR. BIG, click on the links below:





2 Responses to “MR. BIG – Live From The Living Room – Is An Acoustic Ride To Revel In”

  1. Once again you are spot on about an album. What If? is a fantastic album and made my Best Albums of 2011 list too. Thanks for the heads up on their latest release. Is this cd only or is there a dvd too?

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thanks for the compliment and visiting. As far as I know, it’s only a CD release, I can’t confirm a DVD for sale documenting this performance… If I find out otherwise I’ll leave a “heads up” comment here.

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