ICED EARTH – Confirmed To Play At the Kalaset Festival, Lulea, Sweden

As reported on The Official Iced Earth Website:

Mark your calendars. Fans in Sweden…get ready! Iced Earth has just been confirmed to play the Kalaset Festival!

More information will be announced on our Tour page when it becomes available.

Date: August 4, 2012

Place: Sweden

City: Lulea

Festival: Kalaset Festival


For more info on ICED EARTH, click on the links below:

For more info on the Kalaset Festival, click on link below:



2 Responses to “ICED EARTH – Confirmed To Play At the Kalaset Festival, Lulea, Sweden”

  1. elabryth Says:

    I just saw Iced Earth (w/ Warbringer) at a club in Georgia. Great show from Iced Earth. Here is a twist that sucks on so many levels. For some reason, Symphony X (the co-headlining act) did not play. Why? They were there, they are not injured. No, they did not play so some local ass-clowns in a generic power metal band could open. Since Symphony X are on Nuclear Blast and Warbringer are on Century Media, Symphony X gets bumped. Does that make any God-Damned sense? I have seen these ass-clowns, Halcyon Way, 3 times (not by choice) and they get better, at their generic power metal music, everytime I see them… but they are just so boring!

    Aside from all that, Stu Block is Excellent on all the material and is a great addition to Iced Earth. Note to John Schaffer: Don’t mess it up with Stu. You got really lucky. He took some mundane tracks off “Dystopia” and breathed life into tem (Dark City, V, Soilent Green). Also, quit writing song after song about movies. It shows a lack of imagination. 1 or 2 every now & then… sure. But, entire albums, or chunks of albums, it gets old. Well, that’s my rant. Here’s to hoping you’re doing well stone. Stay Metal. \,,/

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Excellent rant! Hell and Yeah. The “politics” that went on with who was to play at that show you attended is blatantly unethical, in my Metal opinion. Very strange.

      Stu Block is, (after I’ve listened to Dystopia ? times now) the best singer to front Iced Earth. I know that sounds rather crazy, with Stu Block only having one Iced Earth album under his belt, yet you know too, just how grand this guy is vocally!

      Fantastic points you’ve made… I’ll throw in that the layered vocal “thing” is not necessary anytime, especially when you have Stu Block who can ‘hit it out of the Metal park’ for you!

      I’ve been doing well… hope the same for your end as well. You’re welcomed to come back as often as you wish to “rant away” on any of this “stuff”. Rock Steady Metal Buddy! \m/

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