ADRENALINE MOB – Released on March 13th, 2012, via Elm City Music is the debut full-length from Metal Supergroup – ADRENALINE MOB. Featuring: Mike Portnoy (Drums), Russell Allen – (Vocals), Mike Orlando (Guitar) and John Moyer (bass).

Below is the music video for Undaunted. This Metal song and video is 100% certified M.O.A.. What is M.O.A. you ask? Metal Odyssey Approved. Undaunted simply kicks serious Metal ass. The Metal grooves are abundant and Russell sings Metal lights out. Mike Orlando on guitar shreds and is a contagious listen! Mike Portnoy is fun to hear and watch on drums… a genuine talent is he.

WARNING: Undaunted is one of those Metal songs that can easily psyche-you-out-of-your-Metal-mind. Turn up the volume with some Metal attitude and Metal be thy name.


For more info on ADRENALINE MOB, click on the links below:



One Response to “ADRENALINE MOB – ‘UNDAUNTED’ Music Video Is: MUST METAL”

  1. konradberkson Says:

    Quo vadis Mike Portnoy? “Omerta” and “Flying Colors” are good but not good as I expect.

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