HeavyPink – Debut / ST: 7″ Vinyl Single Showcases 2 Scintillating Songs

HEAVYPINK – I just recently had the Rockin’ pleasure to listen to the debut & self-titled 7″ single from HeavyPink. This is the current project from T. Dallas Reed, (vocalist & multi-instrumentalist), known for his membership with Mos Generator and Stone Axe. (See full press release below for more detailed background info).

Now, for the two songs I took in from this single. Whoa. Whoa again. Um, Mr. Reed… please create more? Um, like, how about a full-length album next week? I’m telling both my Heavy Music and Classic Rock brethren right now, both Flower And Song and There Is A Light are as clever as one could wish for when it comes to Heavy Rock ‘N Roll. With swirls of psychedelia adding ambience amongst the inter-changing tempos of both songs, a 70’s Hard Rock vibe just spills over my senses as I listen with Rockaholic glee.

The way in which these two songs come across to me, they both remind me of hanging out and chilling during the Summertime. Earthy vibes I sense from these songs as well. The guitar tones seem to trigger it all. Go figure.

I applaud T. Dallas Reed for his exceptional end result here with HeavyPink. His fantastic musicianship and vocals come packaged with an honest approach to making Heavy Music that’s both retrospective and relevant. His vocals are subtly reminiscent of a 70’s era Ozzy Osbourne on these songs while the feel of Classic Stoner Rock fills the air. After listening to both songs several times, my best comparison would be Sabbath Bloody Sabbath meets the open-air atmosphere of The Yes Album while being bookended by a Stoner finish.

Metal. Be. Thy. Name.


To order a copy of this 7″ single, go here: The Maple Forum – Official Store

To read more about T. Dallas Reed & HeavyPink and order the single, click on the link below:


Essential Press Release:

The Maple Forum is thrilled be releasing the self-titled debut 7” from HeavyPink, the latest project of T. Dallas Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator). The vinyl single is limited to 300 and features two brand new cuts, “Flower and Song” and “There is a Light,” exploring a rarely-heard psychedelic side of the Port Orchard, Washington, native’s songwriting.

Reed, who is notoriously DIY, played all the instruments on HeavyPink, sang himself, and recorded the material at his own HeavyHead studio. Fans of Stone Axe will be thrilled to discover that although he is working in a different style, the signature elements of Reed’s work remain intact, most pivotally that there’s zero bullshit involved.

He explains the project’s origins thusly: “Before Mos Generator took our hiatus in 2009 we were working on an album to be called HeavyPink. When the band shelved the project I decided to pick up the concept and use it as a tool to try different recording and writing techniques. I look at it as an experiment in heavy and beautiful music, like ‘Master of Reality’ meets ‘Pet Sounds,’ meets ‘Into the Pandemonium’ all in one and produced by Phil Spector.”


(Info/Press Details courtesy of Ripple Music)

For more info on HeavyPink, click on the link below:

HeavyPink – facebook




3 Responses to “HeavyPink – Debut / ST: 7″ Vinyl Single Showcases 2 Scintillating Songs”

  1. Thank you for the great review. i have 4 songs i am working on right now. i was going to release 5 7″ singles and then a full length release of all the singles but i think i’m going to cut right to the full length.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thank you Tony for creating such fabulous music. Cutting right to the full length makes great sense to me! I can’t wait to hear all of your songs.

      Then again, those vinyl singles will probably make for some cool Rock ‘N Roll collectibles down the road too. LOL… there’s always that allure with vinyl. 🙂

  2. i’m sure there will be another single or 2 down the road and of course the full length will be on vinyl 🙂

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