OVERKILL ‘The Electric Age’ – Once Again, A Reminder Of Thrash Metal Supremacy

OVERKILL – Yes that’s Chaly once again on the front cover of this new Overkill album. Another sign of Chaly and another new Overkill release means that the Thrash Metal genre is once again bigger, badder, meaner and stronger than it was before. Our Pit Bull of Thrash is once again unleashed. That’s how important Overkill is to Thrash Metal, in my most honest of Metal opinions. Overkill is THE worldwide leader of Thrash Metal. Why? Pure talent. Consistency. Legitimacy. Quality. Forget longevity… it’s their damn incredible and admirable perseverance that makes this band the iconic leader they are to Thrash Metal… and Metal in general too.

Okay, my ranting as a lifelong Overkill fan is now over. Um, no it’s not. On March 27th, 2012, The Electric Age, the sixteenth studio album from Overkill, was released on eOne Music. From the album opening drum blasts from Ron Lipnicki to the intensified vocals of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth on Come And Get It, straight on through to this album’s completion, I felt and heard the authority and passion of a Thrash Metal band that boasts a true classic lineup in 2012. Metal as my witness, these five men of Thrash have been together long enough to be considered a “classic” Overkill lineup.

The jaw-dropping guitar licks of Dave Linsk and Derek “The Skull” Tailer cannot be denied, a one-two power-packed punch of guitar grandeur. The all-encompassing Thrash energy I receive from The Electric Age swirls around my senses, making me feel like I’ve landed feet-first in a Thrash Metal field of dreams, with my Metal chick by my side… and kegs of cold beer aplenty. D.D. Verni plays his bass (as usual) with a Thrashing vengeance and his trademark backing vocals are as powerful as ever.

Once I heard Come And Get It, Electric Rattlesnake and Wish You Were Dead, it’s as if the thunder strike had been aimed upon my brain, driving home the clear fact that Overkill is kicking some insane Thrash Metal ass in 2012, almost like they’ve never kicked ass like this before. Seriously. I’m so damn astonished by the totality of this Overkill ambush of Thrash on The Electric Age, that I want to fall to my knees and beg for mercy. Um, forget mercy… I want more.

What’s so damn crazy about Overkill, is there is always melody in them there grooves of Thrash they administer to my ears. Black Daze has the thick Groove Metal and Thrash Metal alliance happening and it’s superlatively played by Overkill on all counts. Whoa and throw some F’n cold water in my face. 21st Century Man is a song that’s ablaze with every fabulous aspect about Overkill that I could possibly think of. Killer vocals. Killer speed. Killer guitar solo. Killer double bass. Killer riffs. Killer everything. Metal be thy name.

If we’re talking about “Metal Album Of 2012” contenders, I am placing The Electric Age at the very top of my list right now. Overkill could have given up years ago and returned in 2012 as a “reunion band”. Instead, Overkill never went anywhere, this Thrash Metal band has done more than “stood the test of time”, Overkill has established themselves as THE measuring stick within our Thrash Metal community, never letting us loyal fans down. The Electric Age is just another fitting example of this band’s extensive Thrash supremacy. Metallica who?


THE ELECTRIC AGE – Track Listing:

Come And Get It

Electric Rattlesnake

Wish You Were Dead

Black Daze

Save Yourself

Drop The Hammer

21st Century Man

Old Wounds, New Scars

All Over But The Shouting

Good Night


For more info on OVERKILL, click on the links below:


eOne Metal



3 Responses to “OVERKILL ‘The Electric Age’ – Once Again, A Reminder Of Thrash Metal Supremacy”

  1. Great fucking album, and again OVERKILL does not make bad albums, too bad they are underrated, love them.

  2. […] OVERKILL ‘The Electric Age’ – Once Again, A Reminder Of Thrash Metal Supremacy […]

  3. […] OVERKILL ‘The Electric Age’ – Once Again, A Reminder Of Thrash Metal Supremacy […]

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