AVATAR “Torn Apart” (Official Video) – Mandatory Metal From Sweden!

AVATAR – A Metal band that has caught my Metal attention this year, in an enormous way, is Sweden’s AVATAR. Their debut full-length, Black Waltz, was released back on February 14th of this year, via eOne Music. Below is the official music video for Torn Apart, just one of many Metal groove infested songs on Black Waltz.

AVATAR is dark, extreme, modern and groove laden with their Metal sound. Black Waltz is a solid reason as to why I am leaning towards choosing AVATAR as “Best Metal Newcomer Of 2012” and one of the best Metal albums I’ve listened to  thus far, this year. Crank up the Metal volume on Torn Apart below and you’ll might just agree with me!


Johannes Eckerström – Vocals

John Alfredsson – Drums

Jonas Jarlsby – Guitars

Simon Andersson – Guitars

Henrik Sandelin – Bass

To read my album review for Black Waltz, click on the large link below!

AVATAR ‘Black Waltz’ Is Dark, Extreme, Modern and Groove Laden… Metal Bliss


* For more info on AVATAR, click on the links below:




eOne Metal



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