ROYAL THUNDER “CVI” – Unreal Is The Word And This Heavy Album MUST Be Heard!

ROYAL THUNDER – Ann Wilson of Heart. (the late) Janis Joplin. Melissa Etheridge. Bonnie Raitt. Joan Jett. Mlny Parsonz. These women of Rock all have one essential talent in common; they all sing from the heart and Rock ‘N Roll soul, while singing with believable passion. I also revere each of their voices too. Who is Mlny Parsonz your asking? Mlny is the vocalist and bassist for Royal Thunder. Mlny and Royal Thunder will be bigger than they probably ever fathomed… so they better get used to the accolades that will be coming their way.

I seriously believe a band like Royal Thunder only comes around every several years. Their debut full-length album, CVI, is easily one of the best albums I’ve listened to in years; crossing all Rock genres. Royal Thunder’s sound weaves Hard Rock, Metal, some psychedelia and meaty Stoner Metal with a thunderous vibe of Classic Rock. If there is that one can’t miss band you need to catch onto in 2012, it’s Royal Thunder; and that’s a sincere fact I am delivering to you.

Lyrically personal, emotional and dark, the songs on CVI are all equally sensational; while both the vocals of Mlny and the music are an astonishing match. If there is one legendary vocalist that Mlny is channeling in, that legend would be Janis Joplin. Regardless of comparisons, Mlny’s vocals are as refreshingly new like a long-awaited rain shower, during a late Summer’s drought.


The band plays their music with a driving passion as well, again, both vocals and music compliment each other on CVI and it’s a thrill a second to listen to. With a sonic retrospective flair being echoed throughout CVI, Royal Thunder still uncannily comes across as relevant with nary a remote hint of pretension. Even though Royal Thunder hasn’t invented the Rock ‘N Roll wheel, they didn’t try to reinvent it either on CVI; and that’s something many other up and coming bands should take note of.

Overall and (most importantly) consistently memorable throughout, CVI comes musically packaged as completeSleeping Witch and the opening track Parsonz Curse offer up substantial riffs and enough heavy texture to make any warm-blooded Metalhead jump for Metal joy. Even when Mlny and band tone things down during songs such as South Of Somewhere and Minus, they’re still heavy with the atmosphere of what’s to come next and what they’re all about.

I am very excited about Royal Thunder and their new album CVI; I imagine it obviously shows. What I’m also excited about is this band (albeit a conscientious maneuver or not) has connected the dots of Heavy Metal, Rock and Hard Rock’s past and written songs that bubbles over with admirably heavy substance in 2012. In a world of fake mainstream Rock and Pop crap that suffocates and kidnaps our youth and misinformed, real talent will always surface to the top and save us all, the crème de la crème which in this instance is… Royal Thunder.


Mlny Parsonz – bass & vocals

Josh Weaver – lead guitar

Lee Smith – drums

Josh Coleman – rhythm guitar

CVI release dates: May 22 (U.S.), May 28 (UK), June 1 (Ger/Benelux) and June 4 (World). CVI will be available on CD and 2xLP and of course digital, via Relapse Records.


CVI – Track Listing:

Parsonz Curse

Whispering World

Shake and Shift

No Good


Sleeping Witch

South of Somewhere



Black Water Vision


For more info on ROYAL THUNDER, click on the link below:



8 Responses to “ROYAL THUNDER “CVI” – Unreal Is The Word And This Heavy Album MUST Be Heard!”

  1. You’ve really got me interested in this one Stone – gonna have to check it out!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Kev, I “believe” you will dig Royal Thunder and Mlny’s voice. Man, if I’m wrong, I’m a Metal monkey’s uncle!

  2. Wow – just checked out Mlny’s voice on Sleeping Witch. Awesome. the whole band have that vibe of ‘music like it used to be made’. Excellent stuff!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      YES!! Thanks Kev… now I’m not a Metal monkey’s uncle! 🙂

      I knew you would dig ’em! \m/

  3. […] ROYAL THUNDER “CVI” – Unreal Is The Word And This Heavy Album MUST Be Heard! […]

  4. […] ROYAL THUNDER “CVI” – Unreal Is The Word And This Heavy Album MUST Be Heard! […]

  5. […] ROYAL THUNDER “CVI” – Unreal Is The Word And This Heavy Album MUST Be Heard! […]

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