DARKTRIBE – A Sunday (Or Any Day) METAL Listening Recommendation: “Taiji”

DARKTRIBE – For your Sunday (or any day) Metal listening enjoyment, I present to you, from France: DARKTRIBE and their new song Taiji from their forthcoming debut album: Mysticeti Victoria. The release date is set for August 24th, 2012, via Massacre Records.

A very, very fine Metal song it is, with Power Metal and psyche-you-out vibes overflowing with Symphonic and Melodic Metal sounds; Taiji is my Sunday (or any day) METAL recommendation! Crank it up and let DARKTRIBE flow through your Metal parched eardrums. Metal be thy name.


Anthony Agnello – Vocals

Loïc Manuello – Guitars

Bruno Caprani – Bass

Julien Agnello – Drums


(Source: Massacre Records)

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2 Responses to “DARKTRIBE – A Sunday (Or Any Day) METAL Listening Recommendation: “Taiji””

  1. I hear something really good here, not sure I can describe it though. Good metal in the true sense

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Glad you like this song! I definitely hear plenty of cool European Power/Symphonic Metal… the keys are always a bullseye giveaway for me! 😮

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