KISS KOLLECTIBLES – Wanna See My KISS / Gene Simmons Phone Card From 1996?

KISS – Back in 1996, I received this very cool KISS Kollectable PrePaid Phone Card as a Christmas gift. This phone card is the Gene Simmons version. As you can see from the top photo, I never opened the packaging to use it. I did have a cell phone back in ’96, therefore, this card was more valuable to me as a KISS Kollectible than anything else.

This is the only KISS phone card I have from this particular series. If I remember correctly, one of the large book seller chains was selling these KISS phone cards back then. I can’t recall if any record store chain was selling them or not. This phone card set commemorated the 1996 KISS reunion of the original four. Creative Communications is the company that appears to have released these phone cards.

Check out the back of the packaging:

It appears from the photos on this flip-side of the packaging, that there were 10 different KISS phone cards to kollect in all. It would be cool to own the entire set of these KISS phone cards. For now, I’m content to have just this Gene Simmons phone card in my KISS Kollection. Metal be thy name.


For more info on KISS, click on the link below!




4 Responses to “KISS KOLLECTIBLES – Wanna See My KISS / Gene Simmons Phone Card From 1996?”

  1. Ol’ Gene….never missed a metal marketing moment, did he? 🙂

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      No he hasn’t! I would think the KISS logo and their likenesses have been put on just about everything by now! From lunch boxes to caskets… whoa and LOL! 😮

  2. atothewr Says:

    Wow. I knew Gene loved cash, but phone cards.

    Pretty cool thing to have in your collection.

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